How to Channel Angelic Messages and Healing

People ask me how to become a channel.  I’m a little different than most channels or mediums. The Angels taught me to say a prayer, go into a deep trance, and move my awareness high-up, into the Light, to connect directly with God. Once connected, I become filled with spirit.

I’m a Master Clinical Hypnotist and NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, so I’ve learned through courses and years of practice to go into deep states of trance.

However, Channelling takes Hypnosis one step further because it’s a very physical experience.  When I go into trance to channel, a ram rod of energy shoots through my spine and it feels like Angels step-in, and take hold.  They speak through my vocal chords, move my hands, even my entire body, to heal, clear negative energies, plus transmit new energies. My job is simply to remain deep in trance and focus on the Light, while divinity operates the controls.

At times, I feel like the robotic suit depicted in Marvel’s Iron Man comics and movies, except I’m just flesh and the Angels are the super heroes.  They step-in, deliver messages, heal and transmit energies, for the highest good of all.  Unlike Iron Man, in the eyes of the Angels, there are no bad guys, just wounded souls.

If you’d asked  about my long-term goals and objectives ten years ago, I would have said, “I’ll continue working in institutional investment, retire and enjoy travelling, while I write a book on Socially Responsible Environmentally Sustainable Investing.”  So much for that plan.  Today, I’m still quite astonished by the unexpected twists and turns in my life, partially documented in my first book, “Diamond Lantern.

My next book, that I’m still in the process of writing, has been harder to complete because the unexpected keeps happening.  How does one end a story when Angels tell you, “Elizabeth, it has but barely begun?!”

In 2001, I became clairvoyant and could suddenly see the non-physical world of spirit. With that, came visions of different futures, many that weren’t so bright.

In 2005, my soul mate introduced me to Buddhism.  At first, I thought it was a cult, but Buddhism turned out to be a brilliant philosophy and series of teachings that provided excellent training on how to alleviate suffering.  For eight years, I began a daily practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques.  Thereafter, my prophetic visions shifted from doom and gloom scenarios to being nudged toward learning and growth opportunities on the path to enlightenment.

In 2012, my life changed dramatically when Christ appeared.  Surprize!  He was not only real, but active!

In 2014, I turned down a job offer in the corporate world and suddenly an increasing number of Angels, then Archangels, and finally High Angels or Seraphim, began putting me through a lengthy and intensive deep trance boot camp, with the goal of surfacing my spiritual gifts and making me a super-channel.


In 2012, when I was confused and worried about my future, I asked Christ, “What’s the plan?”  I heard him say cheerfully, almost gleefully, “I’m going to shine the light on the first step.  Then, when you take that first step, I’ll shine the light on the next step.  When you take that step, I’ll shine light on the next step.”

Horrified, I questioned, “That’s the plan?!?”

Christ replied joyfully, “Yes!  That’s the plan!”

Since that time, the Angels have frequently echoed Dr. Sharon Forrest’s advice to “Trust, trust, trust!”  Now that I think about it, when I took Dr. Forrest’s Natural Healing Arts certification class, she was likely quoting the Angels throughout the course.  Indeed, I’m getting better at trusting in my Divine Task Master, Yeshua!

It turned out that Christ, being Christ, had a master plan to turn everyone into clear channels, to improve the flow of divine communications, get everyone on-track to achieving their soul’s mission, expand spiritual healing, bring twin flames together, plus put everyone on the same path of Higher Consciousness, …the Ascension.

That’s a Plan!

With the Plan in mind, the Angels changed my diet, guided me through months of energy transmissions, channelled hypnosis, including past life regressions, age regressions, journeys to the Inter-life, entity releases, parts therapy, some fascinating rituals, changed my vibration, plus delivered tons of “messages, teachings and training.” During that time, Ascended Masters moved my body through hours of daily channelled yoga routines.  The Angels named the process, Full Immersion into Spirit and thus Channelled Readings and  “Full Immersion into Spirit Intensives” were born.  Whether in-person, via telephone or Skype, every “Channelled Reading” is also a healing.  However, I never know what will unfold in each session because it’s all channelled!  Clients report that every session has been different for them.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Angels explained, “You can only heal others to the level that you yourself are healed at” so, the months of Full Immersion, were to ensure that I could work with professional healers, hypnotists, channels, and anyone who wished to heal or expand on their spiritual gifts and abilities.

Many times, clients have experienced physical healing, but I make no promises.  When I’m working with clients, they’re in the hands of the Angels. If there’s some educational or spiritual benefit to physical healing, then it happens.  However, everyone’s path is different and some people learn far greater lessons from adversity and illness.

When you’re facing challenges, look for the lesson!

Like many people, I’ve had my own share of struggles while growing-up.  I endured some shocking traumas, various forms of abuse, and suffered through anxiety and depression since the age of four.  However, over time, through this process of Channelled Healing the Angels have continued to release it.

As a bonus, when you choose the healing path, each time you heal yourself, you heal the world, because we’re all connected.  Also, each time you heal others, you yourself continue to heal, for the same reason.  As a result, I’ve just kept feeling better and better.

For example, this past week, I felt ridiculously happy.  It’s been weird.  I’m usually “happy” but lately, I’ve been overjoyed, for no apparent reason.  As far as I can tell, everything’s status quo.  However, sitting alone in a coffee shop this past week, I found myself overflowing with joy.  The same thing happened the next day, and so on.  It’s been truly bizarre.  If joy is a side-effect of channelled healing, then THANK YOU LORD, GOD, SERAPHIM, ARCHANGELS, ANGELS, and ASCENDED MASTERS!

Three years ago, Dream Interpreter, Michael Sheridan experienced three days of Full Immersion at The Rose Cottage.  He wrote about his experience in the final chapters of his latest book, My Journey to Awakening and commented, “Maybe Full Immersion’s not for everybody.  It is deep, but this is beyond anything you’ve ever done before.  It’s just amazing.  Absolutely amazing.” 



  1. It makes perfect sense to me. I am interested in the archetypes and their origins, purpose or meanings. Intention always plays a role in steering the course of experience. Helping ourselves so that we can help others, so that we can become aware of, and work with each other, in universal harmony is the driving force for creation. At least this is what I imagine or understand.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      Thank you for your comment and wonderful perspective on things.