Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Busters!

AngelsJanine Melnick: [answers the phone] “Hello, Ghostbusters… Yes, of course they’re serious… You do?… You have?… No kidding! Just gimme the address… Oh sure, they will be totally discreet. Thank you!” from the movie, Ghostbusters

I recently returned from two weeks of training in Victoria, BC with Dr. Sharon Forrest, one of the world’s great energy healers.  Given her astonishing and well-documented results, combined with her thorough teaching (from 8:30am often past 9:30pm for fourteen days), plus divinely channeled energy transmissions, I had become quite confident in my hands-on and remote healing abilities.

While walking through the city, I encountered a homeless man with a bottle of alcohol sitting on a park bench.  He was screaming obscenities at passers by.  The loud cursing was awful to hear.  He appeared too angry to approach but since he’d caught my attention, I took time to sit on a nearby bench and did some remote healing.

As the homeless man raged on, I transmitted love and healing energy.  From many past life regressions, I learned that thousands of years ago, hands-on healers would have said something like the following over their stricken subjects:

“Divine Light.  Divine Might.  Heal this man.  Set him free from his afflictions.
Set him free from negative entities.  Set him free!”

Eventually, I concluded my session and made my way home.

We are all divine beings and all capable of healing ourselves and others through intention, focus and practice.  Dr. Adam McLeod’s remote healing techniques are highly effective and Dr. Sharon Forrest’s transmission of channeled energy super-charges the hands-on and remote healing process.  When I first received the CCMBA/CCSMC energy transmission, it flowed like a trickle through my hands and it took over 90 minutes to do hands-on healing.  Now, the divine blue-white energy flows more like a fire hose so healing happens more quickly, often spontaneously, simply by virtue of my standing near someone.

Apparently, when I asked Divine Light  to free that troubled soul from negative entities, it worked.  I received confirmation around 3:30 in the morning when I awoke to a flurry of activity in front of my face.  When I focused, I was surprised to see something that looked like ribbons of black smoke moving erratically and spanning about a square yard in front of me.  Clearly, something had been released and followed me home.  The smokey ribbons were so thick, they made waves in front of a tiny night light making the pale glow of my room flicker like a disco.  Given the entity’s black colour, it didn’t seem particularly positive.


Elisabeth Fuchs, Photographer

In the past, this sort of thing would have scared the crap out of me.  In that moment though, I only found it annoying.  Upon reflection, I realized it was both validation that my healing had worked plus it presented an opportunity.  EVERYTHING, illness, ghosts and so called “evil” spirits, are always opportunities.  When it comes to illness, you can heal with intention.  When it comes to discarnate, unhappy or lost souls, you can do the world, and those beings, a huge service by sending them back to the Light!

Now wide awake, I jumped on the opportunity by sending this lost soul love then instructing it to go to the Light.  After a minute, despite my good intentions and clear instructions, it didn’t budge.  Perhaps it forgot what the Light was?  I wondered about this, but didn’t have the patience to wonder for long.

It’s important for you to know that this is the realm of free will so NO ghost or discarnate spirit can negatively impact you without your permission.  You always have control.  Regardless, some beings can be stubborn.

When the ghostly smoke didn’t pay attention to my instructions, I prayed for help from Archangels Michael and Gabriel.  Immediately, the smoky ribbons began to dim and soon become transparent.  When I could barely see a trace of them, I went back to sleep.

I’ve only seen a few unwelcome “ghosts” or “entities” in my lifetime.  If you sense any negative energy, there’s an easy solution.  Pray for Divine assistance.  If you suddenly feel scared, simply hold out your hand in the “stop” signal and say, “White Light!” to stop “whatever” in its tracks.  Then pray for Divine assistance.  This works for alarming physical situations too.

EVERYTHING is of the Light.  Even darkness is of the Light.
When you ask for Divine assistance, Ghost Busting becomes simple, quick, and easy.