Is Psychic Normal?

Eagle in the Mist“An eagle in a dream indicates that you have the gift of prophecy.”
Michael Sheridan, Aisling Dream Interpretation

A highly intuitive young person wrote and asked if she was normal.  This question touched me deeply because, years ago, I’d wondered the same thing.  Since everyone is so unique, one has to ask, “What is normal?  Does it even exist?”  However, rather than continue being philosophical, here are my answers to her questions about psychic ability.   Feel free to weigh-in.

Hi Claudia,

Thank you for sharing your interesting experiences.  Yes, psychic ability is normal.  It can be the result of things like meditation, spiritual exploration, and even divine intervention.  As you reach higher consciousness, you become more aware, beyond the five senses.  If you’re raised in a family where the “paranormal” is considered normal, you can be much more open than the rest of us.

Psychic ability is a huge blessing.  To heighten your intuitive abilities, practice regular meditation, yoga, or self-hypnosis .

Improve your lucid dreaming ability with Tibetan Buddhist instruction on ‘Dream Yoga’.  It works!  Lucid dreaming turns sleep time into productive time.  May I suggest you research Dream Yoga demonstrations on YouTube.

The language of dreams is interpreted differently than visions. For example, death in a dream is a good thing.  It generally means you will likely succeed at ‘killing’ a negative belief, behavior, or tendency that you picked up from a male or female influence (usually your parents).

In contrast, visions are different.  When I’ve seen death in visions, it was usually prophetic. Sometimes I was seeing through the eyes of someone else.  Other times, I found myself ‘out-of-body’ surrounded by newly passed souls, months before their death actually occurred.  Once, I experienced my own funeral.  It took me a few minutes to realize what was happening.  However, when I figured it out, it became a pretty strong motivator to get going and fulfill my life’s mission before it was too late!

We’re ‘shown’ visions for a reason.  Be courageous and ask yourself, ‘what can I learn from this?’ Sometimes visions appear so you can prevent an accident from happening.  Regardless of the dream or vision, they’re always a blessing, and a message.  Looking back, I’ve realized that Divinity played a large part in my ‘waking-up’ by spirit shocking me with the visions mentioned in my book, “Diamond Lantern”.  Their work has continued and my awareness is far more heightened these days.  Seek and ye shall find.  Just know that there is no going back. You can’t un-learn what you have learned.

One more thing.  When I attended the Gateway program at The Monroe Institute, renowned remote viewer, Joseph McMoneagle explained that a very high percentage of psychics have lived through abuse as children.  Abused children unconsciously fine-tune their clairvoyant ability in order to survive.  They learn to accurately ‘read’ the faces, body movements, and even the minds of their parents.  They can sense a violent fit of rage before it happens.  These children grow-up walking on eggshells and may suffer from anxiety and depression.  However, out of this comes the gift of heightened intuition.  What starts out like a curse can become a blessing.  When we rise above the pain and suffering, people who hurt us the most become our greatest teachers.  For that, we can forgive and thank them.

Wishing you Light, Love and Courage!

Elizabeth Rose



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