Channelled Messages

Titanic-SurvivorsYour greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.”  Amit Ray

Last night, I hosted the Mentoring Monday which includes Channelling, Healing, Hypnosis, Tea, Snacks and Conversation.  A gentleman came with friends and I wound-up channelling his deceased sister and father.  They said wonderful things and it was all very positive.  However, there was that moment of recognition when the sister said something that nobody else would have known about.

As a channel, I’m just delivering messages and generally can’t see the person who is speaking through  me.  I can feel their emotions, but their words are just words with no context for me.  There’s no background story, nothing.

One time, I was channelling for a client and his long lost father came through.  At the end of the reading, he said, “Wally.”  My client was astonished.  He said his father disappeared early in his life so nobody would have known his father’s name, and that’s what people called him.

I couldn’t get some of the other names.  Names can be very difficult to hear for some reason.   A lot of other channels have expressed a similar frustration with names.

Whenever someone sneaks their name into a reading, I usually get most of it.  However, if a client asks, “What’s his name?”  The name frequently evades me.   Don’t know why.

Another time, I channelled for a friend who asked about his grandmother.  The grandmother came through and was filled with love and light.  She said all the wonderful things that a grandmother would say.  I suppose my friend had doubts.  However, at the end, I got stuck on what she was saying.  I found myself struggling with the word and said, “N… Na…  Na…  Na… Na… ” and couldn’t understand what she was trying to say.

He responded by saying, “It’s Nana!  It’s Nana!  I didn’t tell you that we called her Nana.  It was my test to see if you were really connecting with her.”

Another time, a client on Skype wanted to know about her family.  Her grandfather came through.  Again, at the end of the message, I struggled with what he was saying, “Paska? Paskaa? Paskaal?”  I wondered if he was speaking another language when the client said, “It’s his name.  It’s him!  It’s really him!”

A large number of pets have communicated to their loved ones.  A dog that died when my client was three years old came through.  There was so much love.  Every time a dog comes through, they’re fixated on their owners and have remained dedicated and nearby after death.  They stick with their owners, even in the spirit world.

It’s the same with cats.  Cats stick with you lifetime after lifetime.  In a past life regression, I had a cat in Egypt and I loved it dearly.  For decades I had cats as pets.  Connecting with pets in the spirit world can feel incredible and restore one’s faith in the big picture of life, death and love because you realize that we are eternal souls and love is eternal!

Enjoy a wonderful day!

Elizabeth Rose