Be Prepared!

“For there is nothing either good or bad, thinking makes it so.”  William Shakespeare (1564-1616), Hamlet, II.ii

We are told that neither good nor evil exists in the universe.  However, there are higher and lower vibrations.  The goal is to ascend, not descend, so as we evolve in consciousness, our vibration increases.  It is when we are in a transitional phase, such as waking up in a lucid state or meditating, that we become open to, and attract, the spirit world.  Before entering a state of transition (e.g. just before going to sleep) you can successfully keep away any beings of a lower vibration by repeating affirmations.

When I hear the word ‘Guide’, I always think of the Girl Guide motto “Be Prepared”.  We are guided by divine beings who can assist us in preparing for transition phases, such as falling asleep.  An advisable affirmation would be to ask for guidance and protection from beings of the Light who vibrate at an equal or higher rate than you.  In this way, you can rest assured that any non-physical visitors who make an appearance are there to provide you only with divine guidance.

Each person is unique and may receive guidance in different ways.  I mostly ‘see’ spirits, but in a lucid or meditative state, will also hear, feel and even smell beings in the non-physical realm.  Many people tend to have one prominent sixth sense.  For example, some people will mostly ‘hear’ spirits and other people will mostly ‘feel’ them or have an intuitive ‘knowing’ of the message being delivered.

The Five ‘Clairs’

Clairvoyance: intuitive seeing or clear vision (Seeing is definitely believing).
Clairaudience: intuitive hearing or clear audio (I know of two people whose lives were saved because  a ‘voice’ warned them to take preventative action).
Clairsentience: intuitive feeling or clear sensation (This one can be a subtle feeling or the intense experience of literally stepping into the shoes of someone else).
Clairscent: intuitive smelling (While living in different cities, my sister and I have both whiffed our deceased Grandma’s perfume – the old fashioned super sweet variety).
Clairtangency: psychometry or clear touching (Try falling asleep holding an object in your hand that belongs to someone else.  You might have an interesting wake-up call.  I did this and woke up to images that were so clear, for a moment, I thought that I was living that other person’s life).

Intuition, extra-sensory perception (ESP), or a “sixth sense” can all be grouped under the blanket term “psychic ability”.  If you’ve ever had a ‘gut feeling’ that steered you in the right direction, then that’s what we’re talking about.  Based on my conversations with physicists, psychic ability can likely be explained by ‘string theory’.  However, since string theory cannot be proven in this lifetime, have faith and ‘know’ that you can develop your own ability.  Ask for assistance from your Guides and they will provide it.  Guided and psychic messages can be incredibly fleeting, so you also must pay close attention or you might miss them.  Be prepared!


  1. Nice site, you have here…. I’m glad I followed your link from Shirley’s!

    While I agree that there is nothing good, or bad, but for human thought, choice, or intent,
    I am reminded that thought is matter. Thought has mass and thought can be either, good, or evil.

    Intent may be derived from love, or hate and whatever is manifested from loving or hateful (good, or evil) intent, will hold those respective, properties. Therefore, any matter, or condition will exist with either, good, or evil content. (though the object itself, is not evil, the thought that compossed, or induced into the object, may be evil and may produce evil effects)


    Thank you for these interesting and informative topics.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you Come Again Moon! Your insight is much appreciated. The implication that thought has mass is so enormous, it seems critical that most of our thoughts and emotions come from a place of love. Once we can all achieve this collectively, surely miracles will be an everyday occurrence on planet Earth. So many of us seem to be waking up, I believe this collective state of mind is entirely possible! Light, Love and Happy 2011!