When Will Your True Love Appear?

Waking-up to Golden Summer Meadows“And know that I am with you always;
Yes, to the end of time.”  Jesus Christ

In my “Comments” section, one reader demanded to know exactly when she would meet her twin flame!  Though sympathetic, I had to write back that, so far, God hasn’t always been specific when it came to prophesying the year/month/day of events.  Over the years, He had dropped a few clues.  However, I didn’t realize the significance of these clues until much later.

In my book, Diamond Lantern, I described being awakened by a series of visions.  One vision I may not have mentioned was a flashing red heart.  It was three days later when I realized it had been a warning that something significant and life changing would happen on Valentine’s Day.

For years, I felt on-edge when I occasionally noticed a digital clock showing 11:11.  That number gave me an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Indeed, later, I received another life changing shock at that exact time.  A close friend also noticed the time, felt the energetic jolt, and three minutes later asked me, “11:11!  What just happened?”

A few years later, in the wee hours of the morning, the vision of a clock appeared with the specific time when I would suddenly find myself on the path to Buddhism.  This turned out to be another life changing event and an important step along the way to Gnostic Christianity, …and beyond.  However, until it happened, I had no idea what the clock image had meant.

Alarm ClockRepeatedly, it was only AFTER THE FACT that I realized guides in the spirit realm had given me specific dates and times of events, but I hadn’t understood them. God and team can be very specific, but it’s hard for us to decipher and understand the meaning because nothing’s happened yet.

Clearly, patience was not the reader’s virtue. Nor has it been mine.  Though I couldn’t offer prophesies around her love life, I can offer that, when you find yourself on a path that consumes you with a burning passion, you’re probably meant to be on that path.  Burning passion is God’s way of telling you you’re on track.  Gut instinct and burning passion are your two best guides.  When you listen, your heart will lead you where you need to go, exactly at the time when you need to take action.  Your heart is God’s loud-speaker.

Also, if it’s in your divine contract, you WILL arrive exactly where you need to be, right on time, no matter what!!!  If you’re meant to connect with the love of your life, then you will, as agreed before you were born.  Trust, trust, trust.

It’s taken me decades to finally hear God’s voice and the voices of guides “behind the veil.”  As mentioned in my previous post, communication from the spirit world began happening increasingly over the years until October 2014, when I became a channel/medium.  Though I’m still in awe of this gift, and those I serve, I also feel very blessed and enormously grateful for the direct connection.  God and team STILL don’t give me the exact year, month, and day.  However, I can tell you one thing:

Jesus Christ is indeed returning in physical form.   …but you knew that already.

Wishing you and yours a Warm, Safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year!

Elizabeth Rose