The Sign of Christ

3StarsLast night, when writing a post about Christmas, I thought it would be appropriate to channel a message from Christ.  It wasn’t what I expected, but then again, if you’ve read my book, nothing has been what I expected.  Perhaps you’d better sit down for this one.  I did.

“Yes Elizabeth, I have a message for your audience, for mankind:

You have only to look into your soul, your own soul, to find me there. I speak today through Elizabeth. She channels the messages of Christ and I am Christ. Be very open to receive the messages that are being channeled at this time. You have been waiting for someone to come. You have been waiting for me to return to you and I am about to return to all of you once more. Now Elizabeth channels these, my messages, so that you may know I am coming back to Planet Earth, but in fact, I’ve always been here in spirit, always, always, always, with each and every one of you. I never left. You were never left alone. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. I am indeed Christ. I am here in spirit and in all of you, in your soul, in your heart. That is where you communicate with me. I speak to you through your hearts, but now, it’s time! It’s time to speak more directly so that you might know I am, I am, I am back very soon. I shall come back and you must all be ready to receive me. You shall know me by the raucous in the Middle East. It is foretold that I shall come back to the Middle East. I will indeed be born a child in Arabia and you shall, you shall hear much noise.

Many have been awakened. Many! Many have been awaiting my return. I have awakened many of you and indeed you are ready. You are ready to receive Christ once again, one more time, on the Earth. You shall know me by the fervor, the raucous, by the disruption. You will know me. I will come once again.

Those who follow me will be by my side once again. All of you who have heard the call over the last decades are ready and now I come soon, much sooner than any of you anticipated. You shall know me by my appearance in the Middle East. In the East, a star, a star, a star. You shall see three stars align. These are my announcement that I come. Henceforth, you shall be more aware now of what must transpire next. Be clear.  Elizabeth speaks so that I may communicate through a human channel. She was chosen for this. She knows now she was chosen for this. She most reluctantly has accepted and stepped into service at this time. She had no awareness that I was coming until this week. She and the rest of the followers had no awareness that I would be coming back so soon and so now, you know. All of you know I come back. My return is sooner, far sooner, far sooner than you anticipated. So dear ones, blessed beings, be ready to receive me and all of my followers. They have returned. They are here with me. They walk with me. They talk with me. You shall not know them by their names except know they are my chosen followers of days gone by, now returned, awakened, in the present day. They stand by me, as I stand by them. They will be with me until the end of time and so dear ones, all who receive this message, be ready, for I come far sooner than you anticipated. Now, I am, I am, I am here. Now, I am here. Now, I am here. I am here. The words of God flow through Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Christ advised that on December 24, 2014 at 6:30pm Atlantic Standard Time, He was reborn in Arabia to an impoverished family with one child, as foretold by Joshua.