It’s Time for Twin Flames to Reunite

28Sep2015 1st Night of AscensionI seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times… In life after life, in age after age, forever. ~Tagore

Much has happened since I started researching, channeling and writing about Twin Flames. On Monday, September 28, 2015, the morning after the Blood Moon, I received a channeled message that Mankind was in store for 100 years of peace and that this was the beginning of the Ascension. The Angels explained that humans have 100 years to lighten-up, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, in order for their souls to be light enough to ascend.

What exactly is Ascension?

All emotions are of the Earth except for LOVE. Love is something from the non-physical world of spirit. In order for your soul to be light enough to “Ascend” back to the non-physical world of spirit, you must release all addictions, defenses, anger, fear, guilt, and shame. These negative emotions keep you tied down on the Earth plane.

Very few humans have achieved Ascension. Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed are some of the very few who have healed in every sense of the word and ascended beyond the physical to the realms of higher consciousness. The rest of us have been caught in a vicious cycle of reincarnation. For thousands of years, we have repeated our mistakes, often becoming heavier and crueler in spirit, and remaining tied to the Earth, even more “stuck” with every incarnation. With the End Times, reincarnation on Planet Earth is prophesied to end.

What exactly are The End Times?

Many of us have heard about The End Times in the Bible. There are prophesies that Christ will return to usher in the end of the world and only the people with holy spirits will Ascend. According to channeled messages I’ve received, and messages that others have received, this is humanity’s last chance to fix everything that’s wrong because the cycle of reincarnation will come to end. Any souls who have not fixed themselves and others, (including plants, animals, and Eco systems),  will be energetically too heavy for the Angels to lift.  Souls that are too heavy mentally, emotionally and spiritually might get stuck on the Earth plane.  When human existence on the Earth ceases, that soul’s existence might also expire.

When you arrived on Earth, you came here to learn and grow.  However, you came with an end date.  If you haven’t LEARNED from your mistakes after thousands of reincarnations on the planet, take time in this lifetime to learn now.

Twin Flames and Ascension

In my work as a channel, hypnotist and healer, more and more Twin Flames are finding each other, either physically or non-physically.  Many Twin Flame souls have not reincarnated but have been very present in spirit.  Now, they’re working particularly hard to reunite, heal and lift each other to higher levels of love and consciousness.  You see, if one half of a Twin Flame is too heavy to Ascend, they might perish.  Without a twin soul, the spiritually and energetically lighter Twin Flame will never feel complete and might grieve for an eternity.  I don’t know for sure.  However, I do know that the feeling would be one of great heart-break.

When I started on this path in 2001, I had no idea what the future held. Certainly, I didn’t dream there would be an end-date to our time on Planet Earth. Regardless of your beliefs, if you feel anything but positive, it’s time to heal. Do everything in your power to become more conscious and more healed on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, plus help others at the same time.  We’re here to save souls and lift EVERYONE to highest consciousness.  At the same time, you can meditate and send love to your Twin Soul.  Even if they’re physical, a part of them is floating on the astral plane and they’ll feel your connection. There’s great hope!  Drop the fear then reach out to one and all with love because It’s Time and you can do A LOT in 100 years!

Elizabeth Rose


  1. Your book, your story touched me so deeply, I cried – which I don’t do often these days.
    Thank you for the Light and Truth you are bringing to each of us.
    Blessed Be, Maddie

  2. I met my twin flame a little over 3 years ago and we have been married since 6/7/2014. We are both evangelical, pentacostal Christians in the music ministry together. I am a worship leader and vocalist, and my husband plays guitar while he also sings with me. In addition, he was just ordained as a pastor. We have so much in common spiritually that it is like no other romantic relationship the both of us have ever experienced in our past. We so often find ourselves sharing virtually the same interests and viewpoints (we are interested in the same things as our minds and spirits are on the same plane. But, whenever him or I feel slighted by someone else who tries to upset our connection either intentionally or unintentionally, there is a feeling of intense pain felt by one another. Maybe it is because we subconsciously aware of how others on this world have attempted to separate us (due to jealousy or another divisive emotion that is motivated by the devil himself and is placed in that other person to cause division), that we feel the painful tearing of our shared soul. When we met over 3 years ago, it was an instant attraction and as if we already knew each other….there was no doubt in either of our very souls that we were destined to be as ONE. And it still holds true today. But, the enemy seems to want to try to cause some other unknowing soul to try to cause a division between us, or cause a barricade to our financial or spiritual well-being. And so, as twin flames, we are constantly being tested and constantly in worship and prayer with our Heavenly Father God for spiritual protection and provisions while we face many challenges on earth. Believe me when I tell you this: Twin-flames are a real threat to the enemy and must constantly be on guard for attacks by the devil in our sleep as well as when we are awake! The spiritual battles we face are very real! It is no lie or secret to each other that we long for Christ Jesus’ return to rapture us up together to Heaven away from a world that is at its darkest times! God please help us to stay strong in the Holy Spirit within us! Amen!! Love and Light to you all!! Dawn

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Dawn,

      Thank you for sharing your twin flame story. How beautiful. Personally, I’ve never encountered the devil, but I’ve certainly experienced and cleared much darkness, with the assistance of Christ, the Archangels, 39 Angels, etc. (who all do the work of God).

      We can evolve or de-evolve in consciousness. Clearly, there are some beings of light who became so negative that they experienced a downward spiral. Their light and love are virtually extinguished.

      Every day, see yourself surrounded and protected by the light. May I suggest you both live in courage instead of fear. You manifest what you feel. Feel love and courage, and the darkness shall be overcome by the light.

      BE THE LIGHT! BE THE LOVE! Laugh at the darkness so that it may begin to see the light once again. Everything is of God, even the darkness. Send light and love into the darkness, to bring it back from the Abyss.

      I hope that helps,