How to predict the future

205355-1000-144716078510147810-R3L8T8D-950-14“Sheer determination can avert much of that which has been predicted.”
Paul Solomon

If a prophesy of doom and gloom does not come true, then the prophet has done a great job.

Prophesy is a gift of channelling messages from divinity. I receive messages from God, Jesus, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other higher guides.  These messages are filled with prophesies.

Dreams are also filled with predictions of the future.  Developing the ability to interpret your dreams can quickly change your life for the better. Thankfully, dreams deliver warnings well in advance so that you have the opportunity to change any negative behaviours before it’s too late.

We humans have been causing all kinds of problems for ourselves in the form of pollution, deforestation, global warming, hatred, violence, genocide and the list goes on.  All of this flies in the face of love.  Love is God’s law.  Given that we’ve been so focused on materialism, accumulating wealth at any cost, building nuclear weapons, seeking to control people, systematically poisoning and killing-off people plus the planet’s animals, oceans and ecosystems, it’s not surprizing that many prophesies are dire.  People worry about the wrath of God, but clearly, any final death and destruction will be at our own hands.

Here’s the good news.  We created this mess so we can also fix it.  We just need to ensure that every creature on the planet is healthy, comfortable, safe and secure.  This will avert any doom and gloom scenario.  Whether we realize it or not, we’re all in this together. We’re all connected.  When we hurt others, we’re actually hurting ourselves.  Being good to others is an act of kindness to yourself.

Snakes and Cakes

For years, I dreamed of snakes and spoiled cakes. Eventually, Dream Interpreter, Michael Sheridan taught me that snakes symbolized a threat of cancer.  In every snake dream, there was also something wrong with a slice of cake. I was either dropping cake, it was spoiled, and one time a chocolate cake had a sign that read, “Death.” How literal can a dream get? Learning dream interpretation told me that sugar was behind the threat of cancer. Regardless, I still  had greatest difficulty dropping sweets from my diet. That is the human condition, but we’re here to be better than human.

I’d already stopped consuming caffeine, alcohol meat and fish and done this for many reasons.  The meat, dairy and egg industries are horrifically cruel, unsustainable, and contributing significantly to global warming.  Caffeine, alcohol, meat and sugar are addictive, block your intuition, your ability to astral travel, and channel.  If you wish to become prophetic and see the future, clear your channel by letting go of caffeine, alcohol, meat and sugar.  You’ll also be doing the planet a huge favour!

Scientists determined that sugar consumption contributes to cancer and going without it can slow growth of the disease.  One hundred years ago, the average person consumed 4 pounds of sugar.  Today, the average person consumes 160 pounds of sugar.

Angels sounding TrumpetsWhile channelling one day, an Archangel instructed me to do a 22 day water fast.  It was difficult initially, then became easier, and by the end of the water fast, my sugar cravings were gone. If you’re going to try a 22 day water fast, may I suggest you start consuming electrolytes on the third day. Otherwise you may see stars.

Sugar has only been a problem in the last few 100 years.  Things like racism, deforestation, world wars, pollution, and global warming have peaked in the last few 100 years. Are our addictions one of the reasons why society can be cold, unfeeling, greedy, and focused on money and materialism?

Sugar is a roller coaster that pacifies you for a moment, spikes your blood sugar, causes inflammation, depletes your energy, then causes you to crave and eat more sugar.  It is void of nutrients, which also makes you crave it more.  MRI studies show that sugar impacts your brain in the same way as the drugs cocaine and heroine, according to research by Dr. David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D.

What We Think, We Create

Is the vicious cycle of addiction keeping us numb and preventing us from “feeling” and focusing on what matters most?  Too many people, governments, and corporations are fixated on getting more money, swallowing-up precious vanishing resources, and controlling more people.  Over time, they’ve become far less humane, even sadistic, in their methods.  In their quest for power and wealth, are governments and corporations controlling us with sugar, meat, alcohol and caffeine?  Perhaps we are allowing ourselves to be controlled.

During the Industrial Revolution, England started feeding sugar to disgruntled factory workers to keep them pacified.  Historically speaking, in the 18th century, sugar was very expensive and not available.  All this changed when sugar plantation owners capitalized on the slave trade and used cruel and inhumane practices to force African slaves to boost their production and widen the distribution of cane sugar.   In the 19th century, sugar became a necessary food ingredient in tea, coffee, jam, candy, chocolate, processed foods and the slave trade peaked.  In 1865, the slave trade ended, but black citizens continued to be repressed, controlled and the rest of us became addicted to sugar.  In 1957, high-fructose corn syrup, the most addictive substance, was developed and put into countless dried, canned and bottled goods.  And here we are today, almost all of us slaves to sugar and other addictions, slaves to our jobs so we can be slaves to materialism and accumulate stuff.  It turns out that people become far happier with different experiences than with a bunch of stuff.  In fact, the clutter that builds from collecting “stuff” contributes to depression.

Messages that come through dreams focus on your life’s purpose, your talents, gifts and abilities, and what you’re here to do in this lifetime, and what you can change things before it’s too late.  I was guided by both my dreams and channelled message from the Archangels to leave the corporate world, completely drop consumption of sugar, alcohol, meat and caffeine, and devote myself to channelled hypnosis, healing and assisting in raising the consciousness of people.  I was instructed by the Archangels to regularly go into trance and ask for guidance, to give thanks for every morsel of food, to have reverence for our Creator by doing prostrations and saying The Lord’s Prayer thrice in the morning and thrice at night, to build-up endurance and a strong appreciation for what is possible.  One day, twenty Ascended Masters “stepped-in” and began putting me through up to 10.5 hours of Yoga each day, without water or breaks.  As a result, I became more able to assist my clients by deep trance channelling for hours at a time.  However, something else happened. I began to feel more.  I felt what other people were feeling.  My emotions became more heightened.  I became more alert, more aware of what was happening around me, plus felt kinder, more sensitive, and compassionate.

When we let go of this planet’s addictions, become free, clear thinking, and compassionate citizens of the world, we will reverse the doom and gloom forecasts for our planet.  Every person has the ability to see the future by releasing addictions, meditating, having reverence for the self, for our creator and compassion for all beings on the planet. Meditate on compassion and a brighter future, and you will create it. The future is in your hands, so there’s great hope!

A poor man asked the Buddha,”Why am I so poor?”

The Buddha said, “You did not learn to give.”

So the poor man said, “But, if I don’t have anything to give?”

The Buddha said, “You have a few things:

The Face, which can give a smile;

The Mouth, you can praise or comfort others;

The Heart, it can open up to others;

The Eyes, they can look at the other with the eyes of compassion;

The Body, which can be used to help others.”

                                                                                             H.E. Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche, Bodhi Tree Leaf


Elizabeth Rose


  1. Jack Polonka says:


    Interesting article. I agree with the cake in your dreams and eating too much of that stuff, but the constant vision of snakes is the classic symbol of Kundalini. People who are spiritually awakened and have their kundalini awaken and very active have dreams of snakes trying to tell them something. That has been my case. After all that yoga asana (Ashtanga) practice, it is not surprising that your kundalini is speaking to you and trying to tell you something.

    Two suggestions:

    1-Meditate and see if your kundalini will communicate with you in addition to the angels & spirit guides. it will be more focused within yourself as opposed to external.

    2- Do you do pranayama (yogic breathing exercises)? This will definite help your yoga practice and prana/energy control. It also helps to suppress the appetite for the bad stuff.

    Peace & Blessings,

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jack,
      Nice to hear from you! Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I agree. Snakes in dreams can mean different things. In my case, the snakes generally meant cancer. However, snakes are also a symbol of the healer/physician, plus Kundalini’s one big snake! The Kundalini Awakening happened to me on Feb 11, 2001 (when I started seeing visions of the future, described in my book ‘Diamond Lantern”), but I didn’t understand what was happening at the time. Now, twenty non-physical Ascended Masters have me doing Yoga daily. There’s some breathing but it’s more about releasing kinks in the body. The Masters explained that there’s a memory in every kink. Indeed, the strangest memories flash into my mind as they move me in interesting ways. Their Yoga is constant movement while balancing the core of the body. It’s very different from traditional Yoga. For a while, I studied Kundalini Meditation which included a lot of breath work – breath of fire etc. It was interesting and highly beneficial. El Morya has sometimes taught me breath work, but the focus shifted when the 20 Ascended Masters stepped-in. Now, I do whatever they want me to do because they’re moving me, or making me breathe in different patterns. I’ll recommend your suggestions to a friend who just started Kundalini in Toronto. I hope you’re very well and enjoying life!