How to Deep Trance Channel

altar-of-archangel-michael-WikiArt“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Buddha

In my book, “Diamond Lantern,” I described being awakened in 2007 by a booming voice that announced someone was coming.  Startled, I sat up in bed, looked around, but saw no one.  Then, the booming voice spoke again and made the same announcement.

By that time, I’d “seen” quite a few spirits but hadn’t “heard” any speak.  Based on the urgency, loudness, and intensity of the voice, I knew this particular message was extremely important.  However, I’d only been given a first name.  I surfed the web and did a ton of research to figure out who might soon arrive that was so very crucial but remained in the dark until seven years later, this past Christmas Eve.

Since November, I’ve been a deep trance channel.  Now, I regularly hear certain spirit voices.  Occasionally, we’ve carried on lengthy conversations.  However, most of the time, I’m listening and receiving directives from Jesus, 9 Angels, and sometimes God.

To my surprize, an Archangel recently introduced Himself.  He explained that it had been His voice that woke me up in 2007.  I must say, it was a BOOMING voice indeed.

On December 16, 2012, at 11:50am, I heard a spirit’s booming voice speak again.  This time, He said, “IT’S TIME!”

In case you didn’t get the message, “IT IS TIME!”  It’s time for all of us to awaken to our spirit selves and get on the path to Christ Consciousness.  You see, we’re all spirits having a human experience.  Consequently, we’re also governed by the spirit world.  We’re accountable to God, Jesus/Buddha, a LOT of angels, a Counsel of Elders, Guides, Ascended Masters, and countless higher beings.  Based on everything I’ve “heard,” Jesus is back, so “IT’S TIME” to come from a place of love, in every sense of the word.  May I also suggest you start praying.  The Lord’s prayer is a great starting point, every morning and night.

That was the general idea of the message in 2007, but I failed to understand exactly who was coming until quite recently.  Perhaps the message was cryptic, by divine design.  Many messages have been.

The Archangel’s announcement in 2007 was one of several prophesies that were embedded in “Diamond Lantern.”  However, I didn’t realize this at the time.  Now, I must go back and review my own book to figure out what else I missed.  It turns out that “all seeing” and “all knowing” are two  different things.  Apparently, I’ve been in the clueless clairvoyant camp quite often.  C’est la vie!  Life is for learning, …and growing, loving, transcending suffering, and achieving ascension, but don’t get me started on that!

Thankfully, with deep trance channeling, the spirits are far more specific, …to the point of being blunt.  Perhaps I tried their patience and they finally had to spell things out for me.  For that, I’m grateful.

Look for the pathDespite having turned my life upside down to “Get on the Path to Christ Consciousness,” I’ve often dragged my feet, procrastinated, and been intolerably moody.  May I suggest you don’t make the same mistakes.  Just get on the path.

Oh yes, I was going to teach you how to deep trance channel.  The key is to go into a deep trance.  Meditation or Hypnosis can get you there.  Once there, ASK to be a Channel for the highest good.  ASK what words or phrase will begin the Channeling process for you.  For example, once in a deep trance state, you might say something like, “The Channel is open and only those who come in light and love are welcome.”  Then, blank out your mind and LISTEN.  You must be quite deep, or your mind will take over and make stuff up.  Emotions close your channel.  You must be completely calm, relaxed, and OPEN to receive and accept whatever comes.  Thomas Campbell recommended staying away from meat, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol and this has also worked for me.  In fact, water fasting has provided the clearest channel for communicating with divinity.  Moving forward, I’ll water fast on weekends and mainly channel on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

My divine Master advised that I was not to channel regarding romantic relationships, but answer to deeper questions such as life mission, health and wellness, would be provided.  Occasionally, dear ones who have passed have been brought forward to speak.

Channeling comes with a lot of practice.  However, if I can do it, you can do it.  In fact, anything I can do, you can do better!