How to Channel

NEW:  As a result of extensive work in meditative states, Elizabeth has found herself DEEP TRANCE CHANNELING messages from divine beings including Christ, 9 Angels, and a Counsel of Elders.
Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity.  Clients report that messages received have been both powerful and life changing.

probably about 1475-6Physicist, Author, and Consciousness Explorer, Thomas Campbell once explained that the non-physical world of spirit was always looking for opportunities to teach.  Being in hypnosis is one such opportunity.  Channeling is another.

In October, I attended a hypnosis conference and signed up for an advanced course to communicate with the subconscious mind at ultra-deep levels.  During a break, I also purchased a reading from a woman who was a professional channel (medium). To my surprize, she commented that I too was a powerful channel but hadn’t yet learned to instantly “tune in” to the spirit realm.

If you read my book, “Diamond Lantern,” you’ll discover my encounters with spirits happened when I least expected.  I didn’t seem to have any control and never knew when “someone” was going to suddenly appear or speak.

One time, while dashing to a sales presentation in Calgary, it was as if the cone of silence in “Get Smart” had descended over my head.  Everything moved in slow motion and I became instantly aware of everybody and everything.  Moments later, I snapped out of it.  Another time, when a friend was visiting, it was as if someone had taken over my body.  I found myself waking my friend up at 3am to deliver messages from God and Jesus.  He was deeply moved but I was in shock.  While dining with another friend, an angel appeared beside her.  She couldn’t see the angel and I wondered what was going to happen next when suddenly, I was back in the cone of silence and messages started flowing out of my mouth. Afterwards, I was drained, disoriented and had trouble walking a straight line.  I kept slipping off the curb of the street.  When I finally managed to arrive home, my landlady thought I was drunk.

The channel at the conference gave me a phrase that would work like an on/off switch.  She explained it would “open” a channel to divinity so I could control these experiences.  Curious to know if it worked, I dashed back to the hypnosis course, wondering when I’d get a chance to try it.

Back in class, the hypnosis course I’d chosen was designed and taught by Ines Simpson, together with Ted Robinson, an “EFT” expert.  The two techniques, known as “The Simpson Protocol” and “Emotional Freedom Technique” (EFT) proved to be a powerful combo so I’ve been incorporating them into my regular hypnosis practice.

During a practice session, one of the students guided me into an ultra-deep state of trance and I found my head began to turn very slowly to the far right.  It was an odd sensation because it felt like somebody was actually twisting my head around.  A bright golden glow appeared in the direction my head was turning but I couldn’t see the source.  A friend, colleague and Simpson Protocol expert, Sarah Butler, noticed my strange head movement and directed the student to take me to a lighter state of trance.  She knew me well and suspected something “paranormal” was about to happen.  However, didn’t want me to get distracted and ensured that I remained focused on learning the new hypnosis technique.  The rest of the class was uneventful.

The next day, while visiting another friend and hypnotist, Krista Moore, I mentioned that I had a new ability to “tune in” and channel divine messages at will but it hadn’t been tested yet.  She said, “Oh great!  I’ve got a lot of questions.”   To test my channeling ability, I prayed, said the phrase, closed my eyes, and waited.  Nothing happened at first then my head began turning slowly to the right.  Once again, the same bright golden lights I’d seen the day before appeared.  Next, my head faced forward and began tilting slowly up then down, until my chin touched my chest.  Interesting!  When my head tilted upward again, my eyes were closed but I could see more bright lights shining overhead in the darkness.  My neck felt stretched, as though someone was pulling on my head.

altar-of-archangel-michael-WikiArtMy head established a slow pattern of continuous bobbing, up and down,  so Krista  began firing questions at me.  Immediately, words dropped into my mind.  It seemed that a man was speaking so I repeated the words as they arrived in my head.  I paused every few moments to listen for more words then repeated them.  It was exhausting work and took enormous focus. I couldn’t keep track of what was being said because it was an outpouring of words with no punctuation.  I wondered if the words were making sense to my friend.  Later, she said it’s what she needed to hear.

At one point, my head turned to the right again and the bright golden lights appeared.  This time, a softer voice spoke, referring to “we.”  Curious, I asked, “Who are ‘we?’  Suddenly, high up to my right, I could see a small set of stairs.  On the first step stood 4 angels.  On the next step stood 3 angels, and at the back were two angels.  They were too far away to see their faces but the image was crystal clear otherwise.  Later, Krista explained that this was known as “a choir of angels,” and she had been working with the angels for some time.  “Choir of angels” certainly fit the image I was shown.

My visit was supposed to be a brief overnight stay.  However, we spent several days doing in-depth work and practicing channeling.  It turned out that the spirits were training me to become a better channel.  When my head moved up and down, it was God speaking.  Though I’ve been a skeptic about a lot of things, I’m now a believer that Neale Donald Walsh truly talks to God because I’m having similar experiences.

When my head turns to the right, it’s the choir of angels.  When my head moves to the left, I see more bright golden light and this is Jesus.  If my head rotates in slow circles, it’s the Counsel of Elders.  Archangel Michael seems to stand slightly behind me or above me and he’ll just ‘drop-in’ somehow.

Each time I’ve channeled, the people who have received messages reported achieving greater clarity, wisdom, and spiritual guidance.  Some described having been “awakened” and seeing aura energy fields.  One became clairvoyant and a few have received a visitation from Christ.

So, how do you channel?  Intend.  Pray.  Meditate on a phrase that will open your channel and begin to speak.  Get your mouth talking and it will fill with words.  When I first posted this message, I thought we all had a hotline to divinity, and believe we still do.  However, in answering a question, I was just told by spirit that only a few can channel.  “It is important to channel only divine guidance for there are many beings floating about the cosmos who have a lot to say and misguidance is entirely possible.  Stay on the path to Christ consciousness, demand that all guidance be through the channel of light, and you shall quickly ascertain who is divine and who is misguided.” (That message was from the 9 Angels)

Channeling reminds me of radio or television signals, which makes me think of Bat Man.  “Tune in next week.  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.”


Elizabeth Rose


  1. Jack Polonka says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    You mentioned that a channel gave you a phrase to say to turn on & off a channel to the spirit world/divinity. Is it possible you can share what that phrase (or if possible a paraphrase of it). I have been having similar experiences like yours.


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jack,
      Thank you for your question. Wasn’t sure if phrases are customized for each individual so I channeled your question. “Jack, we hear your question so be patient as Elizabeth transcribes our message to you. You have much to offer the planet in terms of your gifts. To speak with spirit is a divine gift bestowed on a few. (Oops. I thought anyone could do this with practice. Sorry.) You shall listen to us first then speak later. Make haste to develop your own channel through listening. You can open your channel by saying, “I am listening to you.” We shall come through at that point. Eventually, you shall speak when you have developed your channeling ability to a greater extent. It is in the early stages of development and not to be completely trusted until the messages are clearer. Trust no one with channeled information unless you are told by God that this is indeed a channel to God. The information can come from many places. It should only come through divine beings, as Elizabeth has experienced.” Jesus speaks to you: “You shall transcend all the physical pain and suffering soon and come home to the place you love most.”
      Jack, I hope this was helpful.
      In service and gratitude,

  2. How neat. I’ve been venturing that way also. I now say,” I am listening”, often.

  3. You are an inspiration to us Elizabeth. Your messages from the Divine were clear and concise. You channeled information that I had never mentioned to you. God knows..and a few others. I didn’t even know really. I have been in a completely different state of mind since our communication. With God on my side how can I go astray?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you! I appreciate your kind comments and positive feedback. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to deliver these divine messages.