Channelled Message for Easter Monday

The ForceI over-indulged during Easter and received the following message:

Archangels: We are here Elizabeth. You are with the Archangels. There will come a time when you cannot afford to be so indulgent. Soon. The time comes soon when you must feed yourself only quality food. You are a golden chalice. What do you fill a golden chalice with my dear? You fill the chalice with light and love. Love, light and only the highest quality of food, for your being is precious, and if all beings knew just how precious they were, they would fill their chalice with only the greatest elements of nutrition, love, light, and laughter.

This is now the time to be in a state of Holiness. This is a Holy time for all mankind, for Ascension is upon all mankind. You are beings of Light. Few know who they really are but you are all beings of Divine Light, Divine Might. Your powers are barely understood by you. Your vastness is only felt as a potential possibility. You are all divine beings having a human experience. You are The Light. You are bright gold, gold in colour, in consciousness. You are a spark of the divine. Like an ember that glows, Divinity glows in each and every one of you. Oh Holy, Holy, Holy. Thou art most Holy but thou knowest not. You shall soon discover that thou art indeed far Holier than you previously understood. This is the time for all to awaken. This is the time for His Holiness. Jesus, God, and Ascension are upon you.
You face many challenges in the upcoming years. You shall know what it is to truly suffer on the path to Ascension. All shall suffer and none shall be untouched, but God is in each and every one of you. Connect with your divine Creator.

God: I am. I am that. I am speaking to you through Elizabeth. She is only a messenger, for God, Jesus, the Angels, and the Archangels. My messengers speak through Elizabeth.  This time is most Holy. Christ has risen. Christ is my only begotten son, begotten for your sakes. Begotten so that you might discover who you truly are. You are all divine. Divine Light. Divine Might. Thou shalt soon see Jesus on the Earth once more. He comes soon. Soon He comes to visit with all my children. That is what all of you are, children, my children. God’s children. Thus you can trust your Creator.

Jesus: I am here. I am here. I am here, on Planet Earth once again. I come. I come. I come. You shall know me as Adam (Adam and Eve). You shall know me as a German man. I shall be traveling through Arabia, through Germany. I shall come to the North, South, East, and West. Pole to Pole, I shall cover the Earth, foraging, looking, searching, seeking those who follow me. I come. Look for me. Be ready. Be ready. I have transcended, ascended, and returned again to your world, our world. There will be much disturbance, turbulence in the world. I shall come in the midst of great turbulence in the Middle East, Arabia. I shall come from Arabia, but I shall not be who or what you expect. I have transformed, as have you all.
Now is the time to be ready for the Second Coming. God permits me to return to finish my work, as yet undone. As yet, my work must be finished, completed, for I am, I am now heading-up planet Earth. I am your General, Commander, I am your Leader. I teach only love. Love! Love comes through me. It fills everyone that I reach, that I teach. It comes through me. Now, be ready. This is my Holy Day. This is Easter Monday, my Holy Day.

Archangels: Elizabeth, you have heard Monday is The Most Holy Day. It is indeed for Monday after Easter Sunday is the new beginning. It is beyond the Resurrection. Now, Now, Now, the importance and significance of days shall shift as mankind transcends the physical realm of pain and suffering and climbs the ladder, the steep cliff, toward Ascension. Thus, Easter Monday is a new beginning, unlike any Easter Monday before.

Jesus: I am coming. I am coming. Soon, soon, soon, and this is the new beginning that announces the dawn of the new age of my return. Ascension. Ascension. It calls to you, to everyone, so the day after Easter Sunday is the new beginning, the new celebration. The new, new, new Path toward Ascension begins the day after Easter Sunday, 2015, but hence forth, this day will, will, will be celebrated as mankind steps on the Path, my Path, my Path, my Path, toward Ascension. This is and shall always be the day, the day to celebrate, to commemorate my return, my return, my return to planet Earth once more.
There are many, many, many people who will argue. They will debate. They will postulate. They will be confused. They shall soon become aware, I returned.

Await my coming. I come to you soon, much sooner than you anticipate. I come in great love. Be ready dear ones. Be ready. Pray. Pray. Get on your knees and pray to God on High for God is your salvation. Come to me. Come through me. Come to God through me, by me, because of me. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Now, be ready with hearts open. Minds open. Be ready. Hearts, minds, open to love, to unconditional love for all, for all are one. We are all joined. We are inseparable. Thus I come to gather all parts of the whole of us. We are all one. We are all for one and one for all. All for one. One for all. Through me, by me, because of me, that is how you must move forward henceforth.

There will come a time when you shall be most fearful. There will be trepidation, much chaos, crisis, much turbulence on the Earth. You shall find comfort in the knowledge that I come soon. I shall put your mind at ease, calm the water, calm the storm. I shall ease your pain. I shall lift your spirits. I shall be your hope, your salvation. I shall be there when you need, when you look for me, and trust. Look for me.

Through me, by me, because of me, the Path to Ascension is in front of you. It lies ahead of you. It is a clear path, a golden path, straight in front. You simply take a step forward on the Path to Ascension, then take another step, and God shines the light so you may know where next to step.

Thou art Holy. On the Path, you walk towards God, following your heart. Your heart is God’s loudspeaker. Your heart communicates. It is a communication device whereby you can speak to Angels, God, your Master, Jesus, Buddha, and Mohamed. You see, we are all one. We are all one and the same. Divine Light. Divine Might. God has sent you messengers at different times but they are one, all one, divine beings for your sakes.

God:  You have divided them in your minds like political boundaries but they are all one and all deliver the message of love and highest consciousness which is Christ Consciousness. You shall know the path to Ascension is through these divine messengers, Christ, Buddha, Muhammed. They are all my messengers.

Jesus: God speaks to you through Elizabeth. She is only repeating the words dropped into her head. She cannot anticipate what words will come next. She only repeats the words I give her to speak.  Soon, you shall become more aware of who are God’s messengers. They shall soon become more apparent. They are in the background. They shall soon all step forward. They have been tasked with a mighty task to deliver God’s messages, my messages, and the messages of the Archangels.  I am here. That is my message to the men and women, the children, who follow me.

Now pray to God Almighty, on High. Bow your head and pray with me.

Dear God,
I am here for You, in Your service. Allow me to work through Christ, through Jesus, the Angels. Allow me to serve You as You have served us so completely. Allow us to serve You now, as we prepare the Path to Ascension, for all must go forward collectively. Together, we shall all walk in tandem. This is the Path that was set, the Agreement that was struck, by You God, and for that we are forever grateful. We shall follow You now, forward, on the path to Ascension, back to You God.
Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. Rosanna says:

    Elizabeth, Thank you for sharing this transmission from the Highest. Yesterday, Easter Monday, I felt my heart wide open full of love and gratitude for all that is. I truly felt the Grace through me and for others. Reading your post clarified why. Thank for being a chalice of divine love for all.


    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank YOU for letting me know you received a similar message. I’ve often wondered who else was tuning in to the same channel!
      Wishing you much Love, Light and Joy!