Channelled Easter Message

Tiffany Fig1God:                      I am here.  I am here.  I am here.

Angels                  Go higher Elizabeth.  Up, up, up to God on High.  Up to God on High.  Up to God on High.  We are here.  We are here.  We are here.  We surround you dear one.  We are with you dear one.  Here you are now, at the foot of God.  God is with you now, now, now!

God:                      Feel my love permeate your soul.  Feel my presence, in every cell of your body.  I am working through you.  Jesus is helping you.  I am with you all, all, all.  I am with you all in every waking moment, in your sleep.  Feel my presence now.

I am here Elizabeth.  I am here.  I am here in your heart.  I am with you always, ever present.

Jesus speaks:    God is with you Elizabeth and this is my day of coming forward, back onto the Earth plane from whence I came.  You can tell them again.  I have returned as a baby in Arabia.  Tell them I have returned and that I come in the not too distant future.  I come when all is prepared and all prepare the path for me to step forward, to lead this Earth once more, to highest consciousness.  God guides me.  God guides you.  Be more present.  Be more aware.  Be more awake.  Become more awake.

I am also working through all of you.  I have access to the consciousness of all, all upon the Earth.  This is the Glory of God on High.  I have the ability to channel through each and every one of you.  You must simply listen.  Listen, listen to your heart.  Your heart is a loudspeaker for my voice, for God’s thundering voice, for God’s love and light.  We are all assisting you in this time of the Ascension. The Angels are lifting your hearts to highest consciousness.  Become more aware.  Simply become more awake, more attuned, more balanced, more aligned with God on High.  That is all.

That is the greatest message, to come from a place of love, to tune-in to your heart, and feel the love flowing through your heart to all, to all, to all.  Be a transmitter of God’s love and light.  Be transmitters to all upon the Planet.  Lift your fellow men and women, friends and neighbours, and foe.  All, all, all must be lifted to highest consciousness in order to ascend.  This we tell you.

This, I tell you, Jesus of Nazareth no more, I am Christ.  I am Christ.  I am Christ.  I will be in your neighbourhood in 27 years or so.  I come.  I come.  I am coming and you must be ready.  You all, all, all must be ready for my coming dear ones.  I am coming to you in the not too distant future.  Be ready, be ready, be ready for God on High, for God works through me.

That is all.  Blessings on this day.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

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  1. Barb Stillman says:

    Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this message. My soul longs for the Christ!! God Bless love And light Barb

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Barb,
      You are so welcome. Christ is with you, and everyone. We’re all so blessed, if we only knew.
      Enjoy a wonderful day!

  2. While I believe in reincarnation, Christ Consciousness, Yeshua, etc (and I attended Gateway Voyage), I really don’t think Yeshua will be directly reincarnating again. No need to. He has been in the same form for the last couple thousand years. Bob Monroe met him when he asked his guidance if he could meet the most mature human living in his space/time reference, and meets “He/She”.

    Edgar Cayce’s guidance indicated that Yeshua would not be reincarnated. However, as Rosalind McKnight’s guidance told her, and my guidance has told me, there would be some other individuals who during/after the collapse, will attain to full Christ Consciousness within to demonstrate to others that the way and path is open to all, and not about one special individual.

    After these individuals plural become well known to people, Yeshua in his resurrected form will appear with these individuals and tell the people that these individuals are the fulfillment of his promises to humanity some 2,000 years ago, that if we live and choose like him, we can become like him.

    It’s important to understand that not all guidance is actually “guidance”. Because we are connected to such slow vibratory thought forms (these physical bodies) and focused in this slow vibratory dimension, it is easy for us to connect to slow vibratory and hindering beings without (based on the Universal Law of Like attracts, begets, and resonates with Like). It’s very important to use one’s discernment and discrimination.

    Also it’s important to set an intention and say a prayer of something like, “I deeply desire, and ask to attune to, and commune and communicate with only the most positive, constructive-creative, loving, and helpful sources or those that these may send to me on their behalf.” Then tuning into the feeling of Love and/or gratitude helps strengthen the connection to these.

    Many channelers connect with beings and groups not best to connect with. Some are ignorant and immature, some are downright deceptive and psychopathic. There is a particular negative ET group very involved with humanity that is constantly trying to deceive us in various ways and on various levels. They try to appear as “Angels of Light” and talk a nice, spiritual sounding talk, but it’s always laced with deception, misdirection, and that which is hindering in nature.

    Yeshua said even the very elect could become mislead in the times to come. The “elect” meaning those helpers/retrievers that incarnate here to help humans to free themselves of false/hindering belief systems. Bob Monroe for example was one such helper/retriever, who got taken in by ACIM later in life, which I almost got taken in by as well, and which started to negatively affect my energy system as I was reading it (it programs ego, separation, and polarization into the subconscious mind).

    Btw, not allowing any dissenting or differing opinions in your comments does not indicate Christ Consciousness, but that of fear and control. An individual truly centered in Christ Consciousness, let’s others have their expression and voice if they are not being wantonly destructive. They may impersonally disagree with, or ignore it, but they will not censure all non supportive and critical comments just because they don’t completely agree with one’s own belief systems.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and for sharing your opinions. I’m sure readers will welcome a variety of opinions, including opinions from skeptics who are open-minded.

      I’m just the messenger. The rest is up to you.