Lighten-Up, A Channeled Message

JohnFrederickOwl“Every man may reign secure in his petty tyranny, and spread terror and desolation around him, until the trump of the Archangel shall excite different emotions in his soul.” — James Otis

Since November, I have been a full channel, receiving messages from God, Jesus, Archangels and 9 Angels. Every now and then, they introduce deceased loved ones and those voices flow through mine to their relatives. This gift has been developed over time, for they are constantly working on me to the point that I’ve started channeling all my hypnosis and healing sessions with clients.

The channeled healing and hypnosis started in the Dominican when I was working with fellow hypnotist, Krista Moore. One minute I was speaking a hypnotic induction and in the next instant, an Angel took over and facilitated a past life regression using my voice. At the same time, I was able to see the images that Krista was seeing in her mind’s eye.

The following week, I did a book signing in Oshawa and on the weekend, had a booth at the Toronto Spring Psychic Fair. Luckily, Krista joined me for each event because I found myself channeling for hours on end with very few breaks, while she managed the traffic flow. Throughout the process, Krista has also became a stronger channel. She receives information as “knowing” where I receive lengthy prophetic messages verbatim.  It’s been interesting indeed.

Today, while sitting down to write a post, the Archangels started speaking through me, so here’s the message:

“We are the Archangels guiding Elizabeth Rose. She is also guided by God, who bows her head down low each time He speaks through her. When her head turns to the right, nine Angels speak through Elizabeth. When her head turns to the left, it is Jesus who is speaking through her. We move her head in a circular motion.

Now is the time for all mankind to pay attention for there will there will be many changes and all shall undergo many transformations as the path to Ascension unfolds in front of each person. You see, it is time. It is time to ascend to highest consciousness. There have been many interpretations of what this means but we shall explain.

The path to Ascension is a process of becoming lighter, in every sense of the word. When you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually lighter, you will be able to “lift-off,” so to speak, from planet Earth. This is necessary for mankind has been very destructive and it is time to allow Mother Earth to regain her health and strength. Her creatures, the birds, bees, trees, and all beautiful wild creatures shall stay in place. It is only mankind who shall leave this beautiful planet so it may regain its beauty once more.

Now the process will be quite arduous for some, but not for others, depending upon your habits and the patterns that you’ve arrived at over many lifetimes of experiences, for reincarnation is very real and karmic debt is also very real. For those with a lighter load of karmic debt, lift-off will be much easier and there will be much less work to do. For those who are deeply mired in self-created chaos, it will require more work on their part. However, all are slated to ascend to another realm of consciousness, in order to regain their spirit body and let go of the physical body, which shall have no more use.

Much has happened over the millennia. There is far too much history to discuss on this one small post. However, Elizabeth’s next book will provide details of what has happened over time to result in this particular situation for humankind. What must happen now is healing and lightening of many loads of emotional and physical baggage. The Archangels are with all of you. The Angels guide you every day, as do Jesus, God, and many Ascended Masters.

Unbeknownst to many of you, we have tracked your progress throughout your entire existence. It is all recorded in the Akashic records for follow-up and review between each lifetime.

Now you are aware of what will transpire, you will begin to witness many miracles. Indeed, Elizabeth, some of her colleagues, clients, and students have witnessed many astonishing things. Hands-on healing is simply one miracle that can be witnessed with human eyes. There will be more.

Elizabeth is teaching others to heal as she has personally healed, so that all may unblock centuries of trauma and become open to the divine guidance that is ever present. In a just few days with Elizabeth, clients have become attuned to their former spirit self.

Elizabeth is a prophet because she delivers messages verbatim from God, Jesus, the Angels, and us, the Archangels. We wanted to make her loyal readers aware so they knew what would be coming.

There will be many challenges coming in the next years. However, all may rise above these challenges by approaching each hurdle with love and compassion. Those two emotions are all you will need hence forth. It is important to let go of fears for these are times of manifestation. Each of you manifests your own reality and if you hold on to fear, you shall create a fearful reality. Guard your thoughts.

It is time to be courageous and open to God, Jesus, the Angels and Archangels and we shall lift you high, onto the path of Ascension so you may rise above the physical and emotional turmoil of human suffering and ascend to your highest power. God and the Angels await your coming.

Blessings be to all,
The Archangels”


  1. jack Polonka says:


    Thanks for the great post. One question I have in regards to what was mentioned about “all are slated to ascend to another realm of consciousness” (hopefully a HIGHER ONE!!! … :^) ):

    ” However, all are slated to ascend to another realm of consciousness, in order to regain their spirit body and let go of the physical body, which shall have no more use.”

    What happens to our physical bodies once we gain our spirit bodies and is the spirit body mentioned the same as the “rainbow body or illusionary body” in Vajrayana Buddhism or is this the astral body in astral travel.

    Peace & Blessings,

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Jack,
      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post.
      I hope you are very well! I channeled the following, “When you lighten-up mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, in every sense of these words, you shall be light enough to ascend and take your body with you. However, if you are not light enough, the body will die but the soul will continue.” There is a shift happening on the planet. Many have written about it. Beings who have done the work to become lighter are lifting others and igniting God consciousness in the souls of others. Yes, it is the Rainbow Body described by Shakyamuni Buddha. Beautiful isn’t it!?

  2. Carol Vautour says:

    Since I have been shown so many things, so many visions, and have seen Jesus with my own two eyes, I tend not to have doubts about miracles and visions. Many would find this far fetched,but I am a witness that God does exist, that Jesus does exist and the Angels are real and are there to help us. God Bless You Elizabeth.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and for your kind comment. So many miracles, and you are one of them!