Who Is Mother Earth?

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”  John Maxwell

Yesterday, as part of a small group, I spent most of the day with Physicist, Thomas Campbell, author of My Big TOE (http://www.my-big-toe.com/) .  When read my book Diamond Lantern, you will read how I stumbled onto a furious spirit who eventually identified herself as Mother Earth.  Around February 2010, this spirit literally had me shaking in my boots as she expressed enormous outrage at having been abused and violated by us humans.  Since she had been knocking on my door for the last ten years, I just had to ask Thomas Campbell who or what is Mother Earth?  I also asked him to explain intuition and my countless paranormal experiences, using physics.  Here is a summary of just some of his answers.

The Universe: The Universe is a ‘digital’ database of information.  Reality is consciousness.  Everything else is virtual reality.  We each have created our own reality, within the larger ‘multi-player’ system of consciousness.  The universe can be likened to a video game (e.g. Warcraft) where there are multiple players creating all kinds of scenarios, choices and outcomes for themselves.  Like a character in Warcraft, humans are governed by an established set of rules.  For example, the Warcraft lizard will drown in water not rise.  A human cannot jump 20 feet in the air because of the rule set that governs Earth.

Intuition: Intuition is best demonstrated with the double slit experiment, which revealed that electrons could take the form of either particles or waves.  On the topic of intuition, my particle physicist uncle had suggested to me that string theory best explained psychic phenomenon, however, since it couldn’t be proven in this lifetime, there was no point even looking at it.   In contrast, Thomas argued that, for him, string theory could not be supported because it had too many variables.  For this reason, he no longer had any interest in the string theory hypothesis.  However, the double slit experiment, conducted by physicists roughly 100 years ago, showed clearly that intention changes outcomes.

Mother Earth: In the right conditions with the right variables, when exposed to beings of consciousness, ‘things’ can become conscious.  Thomas Campbell anticipates the day when computers will start to become conscious.  He sees this as very positive.  When I inquired about Mother Earth, it turned out Thomas was also aware of Mother Earth’s rage.  He explained that her consciousness came into being because of us.  Her state of mind is a reflection of our collective state of mind.  On average, humans are not the nicest people and Mother Earth is a mirror of our collective consciousness, which, at this stage, is generally highly un-evolved relative to all the beings in the cosmos.  Mother Earth evolved into a conscious being with her own thoughts and feelings.  However, her state of mind is very much a reflection of our collective state of mind.  She will always remain part of the human consciousness and we will always remain part of her consciousness.  Read more in my book Diamond Lantern.

We are all connected.  To heal the Earth, we must heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When you love yourself, everything around you, including the Earth, feels loved.  When one person comes from a place of love instead of fear, we are all lifted to a higher level of consciousness.  It’s time to wake-up to who you really are.

“The Key to Change is to Let Go of Fear.”  Rosanne Cash