Vision of the Future

Earth at Night“The world is using the equivalent of about one and a half planets to support life on Earth.  Earth Hour was born out of a hope that this could change.  People are turning off their lights to signal their concern about the future of our life on this Earth.” Earth Hour 2013 Official Video

EARTH HOUR starts on March 23 at 8:30pm.
TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS to signal your concern then turn the inspiration of Earth Hour into the actions of every hour.

This past weekend, Tariq Sattaur, Director of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, used hypnosis to take a group of us into the future.   In trance, we were progressed forward in time to about two hundred years in the future.  What I experienced was sad, but not unexpected at the rate we’re going.  The planet was scorched.  The Arctic had completely melted and was reduced to dead grass.  As I scanned the ocean, I was relieved to see a large whale breach out of the waves.  As I moved my awareness around the Earth, I saw enormous chunks of ice flowing into the ocean.  Antarctica was still somewhat ice-covered but melting quickly.  I was happy to see a few humans living along the ocean shoreline.  They’d been reduced to basic survival and were living in simple tents.  I could see no animal life, but was thrilled that life still existed in the oceans.  It seemed that the humans were surviving off the oceans, not the land.

Two others in the group had seen a similar vision of the future.  Another person saw a future where cities had become so congested and pollution so toxic that people were forced to live in special suits and oxygen bubbles around their homes.

These future images sound bleak.  However, just one year earlier, when I had my first experience with future life progression, I had seen a far bleaker picture.  Both poles had been melted and scorched.  In terms of “life” I could find only a few pockets of desert plants.  Though I had scanned the entire planet, no humans had been evident.

The future is never written in stone.  It changes thought by thought, feeling by feeling, and
action by action.

Since the recent visions of the future are comparatively brighter than a year before, clearly, we’re doing something right!

With responsible action and collaboration comes enormous hope.  It doesn’t take a lot to reduce your impact on the Earth.  Change your diet to local produce.  Take transit as often as possible.  Recycle.  Turn lights off.  Turn excess water-flow off.  When you’re being kind to the planet, you’re being kind to your neighbours, yourself, and increasing the chances of your children’s longevity.

“Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet” Nelson Mandela