The Gaia Theory

SXC 953432_13476061 No Restr EARTH“Life, or the biosphere, regulates or maintains the climate and the atmospheric composition at an optimum for itself.” James Lovelock, Scientist, Author, The Vanishing Face of Gaia

I’m a huge fan of James Lovelock, and fellow scientists, Lynn Margulis, Stephan Harding (Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia) for their research to better understand the Earth’s environment and for raising the alarm that we’re facing a climate crisis. Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Jane Goodall, Clive Hamilton (Requiem for a Species), and an increasing number of other prominent scientists and academics, have become pessimistic about our future on this planet.  They’ve warned that we’re well past the tipping point. It’s an important wake-up call.  However, since we’re still alive, I choose optimism.

I know that each of us has enormous power to change our own reality. It stands to reason that collectively, we have the power to change the Earth’s reality, by taking significantly more positive steps in the right direction.

Lovelock stated that he did not believe that Gaia was a conscious sentient being. You don’t have to be psychic to figure out that Mother Earth is capable of self-correction, if we don’t reverse the damage soon. We can only benefit by remaining optimistic and fixing things.

“Our wish to continue business as usual will probably prevent us from saving ourselves, so we must adapt as best we can and try to ensure that enough of us survive to allow a more capable species to evolve from us.” James Lovelock

It seems to me that we’ve been brilliant at throwing the Earth into chaos so we will be far more brilliant when we restore her natural balance. The clock’s ticking but if you’re still breathing, you have time to take corrective action. We’re all in this together and therefore are all responsible for humanity’s future. Thinking negatively is a slippery slope.

The Nov. 2014 issue of Scientific American published a compelling article on “The Neuroscience of Meditation.” May I suggest that it’s time for creative thinking, to shift into a more powerfully positive gear.  An article in reported how a team of researchers led by Dr. Lazar, a neurologist and instructor at Harvard medical school, discovered that meditating for just 8 weeks can fuel grey-matter in the hippocampus, promote brain ‘growth’ and result in measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress.

A 2011 Ipsos/Reuters poll found that 51 percent of people in the world believe in God. For the faithful, now might be a good time to bow our heads and pray for assistance. After all, God’s in the business of creating miracles, as evidenced by Gaia herself.