Mother Earth in the Eyes of a Shaman

What if you really are a spirit having a human experience?

What if reincarnation is a cold hard fact and you are only here to learn spiritual growth?

What if the natural world of Mother Earth really is our responsibility?

In 2008 I was attempting to clear myself of some emotional baggage that I assumed was the result of long-forgotten childhood traumas. After I’d had a session or two with prominent hypnotherapist in Toronto, Georgina Cannon, she suggested that I volunteer for a past-life regression session and told me that her hypnosis class was conducting a group session as part of their graduation requirement the following weekend. ‘How exciting!’ I thought. ‘This will be fun!’ Without hesitation, I signed up.

When I arrived, there were about 15 other volunteers and around 30 hypnotherapy students. Each volunteer was to be hypnotized by one student while a second student recorded the session. I was assigned to a young man and a woman about my age. A microphone was pinned to my lapel and I made myself comfortable sitting upright in a chair. The woman told me to relax, close my eyes and simply follow the instructions provided.

For what seemed like an hour, she talked me into a very relaxed state. At one point she had me imagining floating on a cloud and letting go of all my cares. Eventually she changed direction and began guiding me backwards in time. She told me to imagine myself falling through countless filters that would eliminate any negative thoughts.

At the time I recall thinking that I couldn’t possibly be under hypnosis because I was wide awake and could hear the other students talking in the room. In fact, the entire room was quite noisy.

Just when I had decided that the hypnosis wasn’t working, the therapist asked me, ‘Where are you?’

I looked inside my mind’s eye and replied, ‘I don’t know. All I see is grey.’

‘Where are you travelling to?’

Was I travelling? As I continued to observe the greyness, it started to clear away until I found myself in a bright blue sky looking through white clouds. I looked down and saw someone on the ground far below me.

I told the therapist, ‘I seem to be descending. I’m travelling toward someone far below me on the ground.’

As I travelled closer, I could see it was a young woman. She was standing with her left arm stretched out, leaning against an enormous tree. In the next instant, I was overcome with grief. I felt that there was nothing to look forward to and I couldn’t go on living.

Sobbing, I said to the therapist, ‘I’m so sad. That young woman is calm, but my heart feels as though it’s been ripped out.’

Eventually, I found myself floating just above the woman’s head. She was standing on the bank of a massive lake, looking out over the horizon. I could see nothing on the other side. Behind her was a thick dark forest.

The therapist asked, ‘Who is she?’

In a flash, I was looking out through her eyes. Surprised, I said, ‘She is me. It’s her pain that I’m feeling!’

Every question the therapist asked seemed to propel me in a different direction and I noticed quickly that I didn’t have any control over what I did or where I went.

She asked, ‘What colour is your skin?’

Having become one with the body of the woman on the shore, I looked down at my right arm and said, ‘My skin is beige.’

‘What are you wearing?’

I looked down and saw myself wearing a simple shift or tunic of animal skin and replied, ‘I’m wearing buckskin.’ Then I corrected myself, ‘No, it’s doe skin.’

‘What are you wearing on your feet?’

I looked down and saw that my feet were bare.

I seemed to be an Aboriginal woman who was experiencing enormous grief. I didn’t know why. All I knew was that I never wanted to leave that spot again. I just wanted to hold on to that tree and never let go.

Suddenly I could see through that young Aboriginal woman’s mind and realized that she was psychic. Though she was standing in what appeared to be a wilderness, perhaps thousands of years ago, at that exact moment she was seeing far into the future. Her heart was breaking because she was horrified by what she saw. She was looking at some tall office towers in a city. The forest was gone and the world was covered in cement, pollution and devastation. She was reeling from the thought that Mother Earth would suffer such great pain.

I began to feel that pain myself, and as I did so, a knowing came over me that I was a guardian who was tasked with the responsibility of protecting the Earth. It was devastating. Standing there on the bank of that enormous body of water, I felt desperately alone, abandoned and hopeless about the future.  The tree was the only thing that kept me from collapsing in despair. In that moment, I felt enormous love for that perfect and sacred place. To me, it was the most beautiful place in the world and I never wanted to leave it – ever!