Your Highest Power

“Great masters neither want nor need your worship. Your greatest gift to them and yourself is to emulate their divinity by claiming it as your own.” Alan Cohen

Jesus taught his disciples that there is a high point in everyone that is their highest power.

Think of your highest power as a meditation

To get there, go inside yourself, then climb to the highest point of your being.  Go to your highest power in silence.  Clarity, direction, and all the answers you seek are there.  That’s where you connect with God.  He is always there.  That’s where you will find Jesus.

The disciples were taught to go into their hearts and climb as high as they possibly could to connect with God.  They worked on silencing their minds and imagined themselves climbing a golden spiral.  They visualized climbing as high as they could in the stillness.

You can get there too.  Start by seeing a point of golden light about 12 inches above your head.  Think of a golden ladder that spirals up. Imagine yourself climbing that ladder.  As you imagine yourself climbing higher and higher, repeat the following thoughts in your mind a few times, then simply picture yourself spiraling higher:

“The higher I go, the brighter it gets, and the brighter it gets, the warmer I feel, and the warmer I feel, the more loved I feel, and the more loved I feel, the more connected I am to God.” 

Know that the path is inside of you.  It’s always there.  Know that you are the path to God.  The path is through your heart and straight up in the silence, to the light.

Everybody points to God.

Jesus taught that your highest power is where God is and that God is inside everybody.  Think of yourself as a tower, but much taller.  Just be there, in the silence.  Go into your heart, into the silence, and up the tower.  Picture the light, see the light, know the light is there.  Trust the light and just keep going higher.  In the silence, focus on the light and keep going higher.

Then stay in the light.  Stay there as long as you can, in the silence, surrounded by God’s light, by love.  Go there in times of trouble.  In the worst of times, go into your tower and straight up through your heart.  When you’re in need, go into the silence.  When you’re most troubled, it is important to be quiet and go into the silence by stilling your mind. Just go inside and go back to God, straight up, in your mind.  The mind is the pathway.  See yourself there.  The mind is the gateway.

When you have questions, all the answers are there in the golden light.  Just be still.  Be silent.  But in your heart, ask.  Don’t ask with your head.  Ask with your heart and be open.  Let your heart speak for you.  God hears your heart.  All divine beings hear your heart.  Spiraling up in the silence, you’ll see and feel the warmth of thousands of points of light.  These points of light are all following God, they are pulling humans up to the light.  They’re reaching down and pulling you up.  They have the answers that you’re looking for, in the stillness, in the quiet, in the silence.  See the countless points of light.  Feel the pull of God and climb higher.