The Colour of Purple

At the retreat, after a day and a half of constant contemplation, achieving a meditative state became easier and something wonderful began to happen. After repeatedly contemplating the same question, the meditation process became like a deep cleansing process.

With relatively little effort, I found myself clearing out an entire history of emotional baggage. It felt as if my subconscious was being purged of long forgotten insults, wounds, and traumas. At that point, I decided this intense meditation process was worth its weight in gold.

As the hours passed and my heart began to feel incredibly lighter, I thought, “If more people knew about this technique, it would save thousands of dollars and years in psychotherapy!” When I came to this conclusion, half of me thought, “I’m healed and ready to go home now!”

However, the other half of me held back thinking, “You came to this retreat to achieve, in a very short time, a glimpse of the divine, a taste of enlightenment, or perhaps to find your purpose in life. Remain seated. Don’t you dare move!” Resolved, I became determined to practice even harder to achieve a much deeper meditative state.

Over time, I noticed that things started to look a little different. Though the lights in the room were turned up, sometimes the room seemed darker, and occasionally, it looked completely black. Other times, the field of energy around people, their aura or electro-magnetic energy field, became intensely bright. In the beginning of each dyad, before I closed my eyes, multiple colours would appear, as if layered over the person sitting in front of me.

Though I would keep my eyes closed to meditate, these vivid colours seemed to remain burned into my eyes for quite a while. This drove me crazy. Thankfully, however, if I waited long enough, the rainbow assortment of colours would gradually fade and disappear. Then an amazing thing would happen.

As the aura of the person in front of me gradually faded out of sight, the colour purple would appear. On a consistent basis, every time I closed my eyes in contemplation, the same rich cloud of purple would inevitably appear floating in front of me. It was a deep, intense and vibrant colour. It was truly beautiful. However, after the first day and a half of seeing the same thing, the purple business started to become very frustrating.

The purple became so prominent that it became difficult to think of anything else. Very occasionally, I would see a tiny bit of green woven into the purple, but most of the time I found myself repeatedly looking at the same purple cloud. I wondered if the purple cloud might be the aura of someone with a very dominant personality. I wondered who it might be.

Violets are the Personality Spectrum’s colour that is most nearly aligned with the psychic, emotional, and spiritual balance in operation on the planet at this time. They have not only the opportunity but also the resources to make their lives count for something, to make a significant difference to our collective future.

Barbara Bowers, Ph.D., Author of the book “What Colour Is Your Aura?”