OBEs, Fears and Wake-up Calls

Astral Travel“If you can be natural and ordinary, just like the birds and trees, you will blossom, you will have your wings open in the vast sky.” Chaung Tzu

A friend who finds herself out-of-body spontaneously was warned that there are negative entities on the astral plane and therefore she shouldn’t do it.

By chance, her email arrived the morning after I had also found myself astral travelling, to check-in on an old friend that I hadn’t heard from in a while.

When I arrived, I was shown that my friend was fast asleep, so I started to move away.  However, in front of me appeared flashes of images showing why they hadn’t communicated.  They’d been busy, …or were going to be.  One image revealed an aspect of their character that I hadn’t been aware of.  It was a big lesson, and a big message to let go of all expectations that they would stay in-touch.

In out-of-body travel, you may encounter the past, present or future because time is a physical thing.  Time does not exist in the non-physical world where our spirits travel.

Getting back to warnings about negative entities and ‘astral travel,‘ in order to have positive experiences, simply stay in the Light.  Stay in a positive frame of mind and ask for divine protection.  Your intention protects you.  A person who is fearful while astral travelling will actually create a fearful out-of-body experience for themselves.  This is because thoughts are things in the out-of-body state.  When you think divine protection, and feel joy, or even laughter, you’re instantly surrounded by divine protection, joy and laughter.  If you see a sapling and think big tree, the sapling transforms instantly.

Simply KNOW you are safe and you are!  If fears crop up as you travel, or if you encounter a ‘scary’ being, or come up against an impenetrable ‘wall’ like Robert Monroe (he has a very funny story about that), rely on your sense of humour and try laughing it away.  You might say ‘Divine Light, Divine Might, Protect me now.  Open the way for me to travel!’

If you feel really stuck (you never are) simply wriggle your toes to reconnect with your physical body and you’ll snap back in.  If your pet jumps on you, or you need to use the toilet, you’ll return automatically, whether you want to or not.

One evening, I awoke to find myself out-of-body and face-to-face with Physicist, Author and Out-of Body Explorer, Thomas Campbell.  He looked startled and I was very embarassed because I hadn’t consciously intended to visit him.  Later, when I saw him at a speaking engagement, I tried to apologize for intruding on his privacy.  He just smiled and said, “You should have stayed with the experience.  Be courageous!”

Thomas went on to explain that Out of Body experiences are ‘given’ to us, so we must trust what is happening and simply go with it!  Spirit\Source\God will always try to teach us lessons.  When we’re astral traveling, they will take advantage of that opportunity to provide a learning experience.  Even when you think you’re in control, in an OBE, divinity has the reins.  A higher power is always in charge.

While astral travelling, you may encounter something ‘scary’.  Simply trust that divinity is asking you to rise above your fears.  Remain calm and move forward with courage.  That’s a big lesson for all humans, in or out-of-body.  Everything is ‘of the Light.’  Even what we perceive as darkness is ‘of the Light.’

One of the greatest gifts astral travel, past life regression, and inter-life regression can give you is the realization that death is simply a transition from physical form into non-physical form.  You can lose the fear of death.  Even the definition of the word ‘death’ can change, or become nonsensical.

Hypnosis and meditation can take you into an out-of-body state.  Sound can also take you there.  Some great OBE stories and instructions can be found in Thomas Campbell’s book “My Big TOE”, Robert Monroe’s book “Journeys Out of The Body,” plus any other Robert Monroe book, and William Buhlman’s books.  My book Diamond Lantern describes my OBE experiences, although I didn’t realize what was happening at the time.

Here are some resources on astral travel:  The Monroe Institute, Thomas Campbell, and  William Buhlman .  Also investigate Metaphysical Hypnosis.

The Force is with you.  Be courageous!