Liz in Las Vegas Update

Well that was fun!  Thank you to all who attended my “Group Hypnosis to Explore Consciousness” workshop at the Hypnothoughts Convention in Las Vegas.  Many people had a variety of different experiences.  Some reported being surrounded by Angels while others saw themselves floating on the astral plain and travelling among the stars in the Milky Way.   For all who attended, it was a deep trance adventure.  Thank you for the positive feedback. Much appreciated!!

On October 27, 2017, I’ll be facilitating more “Group Hypnosis to Explore Consciousness” at the Canadian Hypnosis Pre-Conference on the Friday afternoon before the CHC Convention in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.   Enjoy 4 hours of deep trance experiences while learning to facilitate groups yourself.  For the first time ever, both Hypnotists and Non-Hypnotists are welcome to attend.

Hypnosis is simply Meditation with a Purpose.  For Non-Hypnotists, this is an opportunity to learn powerful Meditation and Guided Visualization techniques, for yourself, or to use with others.

Through Consciousness Exploration (Full Immersion Intensive), you can experience any or all of the following:

1. Channelled Guidance – Review your spiritual gifts, life purpose, path of service, plus get answers to your important questions

2. Channelled Hypnosis  – a new, faster and more powerful healing technique that Elizabeth will introduce at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference “Pre-Conference” event in October 2017

3. Lighten-up! – A variety of proven methodologies provide a mental, spiritual, physical and energetic lift

4. Calm in the Storm – Learn a variety of self-hypnosis techniques to instantly relax

5. Past Life Regression – Interesting experiences, lifetimes of lessons, and profound healing

6. Multi-generational Healing – Unravel centuries of hurts, wounds, and trauma to achieve reconciliation, forgiveness and peace in the family

7. Crystal Release Technique – Cut energy draining ties to the past

8. Energy/Entity release – Hypnotic techniques release unwanted energy.

9. Behavioural Kinesiology – Boost your mood and your life

10. Emotional Freedom Technique – A different kind of release

11. The Yoga of Awareness – Basic movements combine stretching and sound to significantly boost your energy, health and awareness

12. Golden Light Meditation – To create your new life

I look forward to an opportunity to see you in October at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference (CHC)!  I also work with clients on Skype, in-person, and on the telephone.