How to Meditate

“Keep your heart clear
and transparent,
and you will never be bound.
A single disturbed thought
creates ten thousand
~Ryokan Taigu

Many years ago, I learned to meditate in a variety of different ways, in order to avoid getting “stuck” by needing absolute quiet, to be sitting, or lying down, etc. Ideally, the goal of meditation is to achieve a peaceful and more conscious state of mind in every waking moment.

For decades, I practiced saying affirmations, doing walking meditation, sitting meditation, lying-down meditation, etc..  I practiced Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu meditation while chanting or doing prostrations.  The list goes on.

One of the best books I’ve read on how to meditate is “Turning the Mind into an Ally” by Sakyong Miphan Rinpoche. It’s a brilliant book. When I took Sakyong’s techniques to heart, I greatly benefited. The book also helps to explain more clearly what meditation is.

When your mind is busy “thinking,” your spiritual gateway to divinity is closed.  In contrast, when your mind is in a deep meditative state, your gateway to divine guidance becomes wide open.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking Robert Monroe’s “Gateway Program” at The Monroe Institute in Virginia.  There, you listen to sounds, in the form of binaural beats and guided visualizations (i.e. hypnosis), that take you into a variety of deep trance levels or heights.  It’s a wonderful starting-point. However, once again, you can get “stuck” needing binaural beats to go into trance, so use them as training wheels.

People at the Monroe Institute told me that my life would change when I left. This turned out to be true so I’m writing my next book about my experiences there, and since that time.

Hypnosis is simply meditation with a purpose.  Hypnosis and meditation are both fascinating and every technique works, especially when you spend hours, days, or even weeks practicing. The more you go into trance, the faster and deeper you go.

Years ago, I did something called “The Illumination Intensive” which used Dyads as a deepening technique.  I’ve described it in the first chapter of my book, “Diamond Lantern.”  It was very powerful and once again, the experience changed the course of my life.

When you’re learning how to take yourself deeper and deeper into trance, it’s easier if you can disconnect from the outside world – turn off the phone, turn off the TV and computer, plus eliminate all distractions.

Learning to meditate or self-hypnotize is a process.  It takes time and focus, but is really all about relaxation. The primary goal is to relax, achieve calm, and any spiritual guidance is a bonus.

After repeated practice, going into deep trance meditative states gets easier and easier.  These days, I can go into a fairly deep trance in seconds.

An instant deep trance state first happened to me after I’d channelled God who then provided a super quick “high-jump” trance methodology.  I’ve used it for channeling ever since.

Now, when my Full Immersion graduates are in trance, many of them also receive customized “high-jump” instructions, directly from their spiritual guides, to achieve a deep trance state more quickly.

Before he became famous, renowned psychic Edgar Cayce lost his voice and had difficulty holding down a job.  When doctors weren’t able to treat him, he learned to self-hypnotize and discovered that, while in a deep trance, he could channel guidance from the Akashic Records, Archangels, and Christ. As a result, he became healed and could speak again. The news spread like wildfire and Edgar began providing channelled healing advice and channelled guidance for thousands of people.

Around 2009, Thomas Campbell, Astral Traveler, Consciousness Explorer, and Author of “My Big TOE” told me that caffeine, alcohol, meat and processed sugar blocked his ability to astral travel and channel. Consequently, I stopped consuming alcohol and caffeine, but had difficulty letting go of sugar and meat.

Two years ago, I was standing in the kitchen daydreaming about eating something sweet when a booming voice said “No Sugar!”  Instantly, I dropped sugar from my diet.

Weeks later, I was about to get some fish out of the freezer when the booming voice said, “No Meat!”  Immediately, I dropped meat from my diet.

A few months later, I’d just enjoyed two delicious fried eggs when I heard the voice say, “No more eggs!”

Each time, I thought the booming voice had been God.  However, a year later, I discovered it had been an Archangel when he took a moment to introduce himself while I was channelling for my Monday Night Channelling group.

Near the end of his life, Edgar Cayce was very sick, weak and could hardly speak. However, he channelled for one of his classes.  Suddenly, an Archangel spoke through him and lectured the class in a booming voice that was so loud, it shook the windows.  Indeed, my experience with the Archangel was similar.

Bottom-line, if I can learn to meditate, self-hypnotize, astral travel and deep-trance-channel hypnosis, messages and healing, then so can you!  Learn everything you can, then practice, practice, practice!

I wish you the deepest levels of total relaxation!