How to Clear Blocks

Be Happy“We create our fate every day . . . most of the ills we suffer from are directly traceable to our own behavior.”  Henry Miller

Last night, at my Monday Night Channelling tea social, a question was asked, “Are there blocks in the subconscious and can they be cleared?”

The answer was provided in a number of ways.  Messages were provided, I was also taken into trance, experienced someone else’s trauma, then cried their tears.

Just now, I went into trance to see if the Angels would refresh my memory on this topic.  Here is the channelled message:

“Blessings, blessings, blessings Dear One.  You can clear blocks from the subconscious mind, from the physical, emotional, and spiritual or astral bodies that you are comprised of.  In these bodies can be many emotional blocks that will fester over time and cause emotional and physical ailments and suffering of all different kinds if they are not released.  It is for you to release these blocks by going into a deep state of trance, also known as hypnosis, also known as meditation.  Go into a deep state of trance and release these emotions by crying them out, even by screaming, kicking or punching pillows.   Do whatever you need to do, to release the pain and suffering.

We assist.  We aid Elizabeth’s clients by taking them into a deep state of trance and guiding them to look left or right, to see, sense or feel, in order to connect with the emotion and re-experience the event that originally caused the pain.  We tell clients, ‘No, dig deeper. You are close. Turn right. Look more closely.”  We’ll ask, “What do you see in this moment?  What is happening in this moment? What do you feel in this moment? ”

In trance, people will re-live past life traumas, present life childhood and adult traumas, in order to release the emotional blocks and heal.

Elizabeth is an empath and we guide her into the experience of a client, in order for her to connect with their emotion and release it through her own tears.  She has this spiritual gift.

You can also guide yourself into a deep state of trance by simply relaxing and letting go of your thoughts.  Do not put a lot of effort into this.  Hypnosis is simply relaxation.  Once you are completely relaxed, the subconscious mind becomes open and deep-rooted emotions will surface.  When you are in a deep state of trance, you can connect more easily with your guides, and we can encourage you, and begin to heal you, by surfacing forgotten emotions and memories into your conscious mind.  We will pull on the threads of emotion from your hurt, sad, or angry past, and bring it into your awareness.  Anger and sadness are two side of the same coin.

When deep in trance, ask yourself, “What is happening?  What am I doing in this moment?  Who am I with?  Who has caused me pain and suffering?  What are they doing in this moment?  How do I feel?”  Go deep to find those feelings of pain, sorrow, anger, hate, guilt or shame and release them by weeping, screaming, punching or kicking pillows.
Many Lifetimes

Your patterns in your current life date back to childhood and previous lifetimes.  Happily, all of the negative behaviour patterns can be broken using this technique.  Like a broken record, repeatedly skipping back to the same track, emotional blocks present themselves as recurring themes in your present life.

You are repeating many patterns from the past that were created through events and circumstances.  Some are positive, but many are negative.

When you have felt a most heightened sense of discouragement, fear, pain, anger or shame, it can lead to avoidance in the present life.  For example, if you were thwarted by a lover and your heart was broken in a previous lifetime then today you may have built-up a wall around your heart.  You may avoid that kind of relationship, be reluctant to feel the great love that is possible in this lifetime because you fear being hurt again, and this is not for your highest good.

Your behaviour is indicative of what pain you suffered in previous lifetimes.  You must work towards a life without fear, a life of love and open-heartedness.  This is the path for all beings upon the Earth, to heal at deep levels.  In your subconscious, lurking far below your awareness, are many many sorrows, pain, anger and negative emotions from previous experiences.  Sometimes you were in the wrong.  Sometimes another was in the wrong.  It matters not. All that matters is to release that pain and suffering now.

There is no judgement.  There is only love in the heavenly realms.  You are not judged, except by your own self.  We do not judge you.  We encourage you to heal, and to heal now, for as you heal, your soul becomes lighter.  It becomes so light that it can transcend the physical and emotional world of suffering and ascend to a higher level of consciousness, and this is the path of all who walk the Earth.  We send you love, love, love. ”

Elizabeth Rose, Channelled message from “The 39 Angels”

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  1. Wonderful message! Thank you for resharing this message. It is very much what was channeled last night.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Nancy!
      Thank you for that. Wonderful to see you last night! Enjoy a wonderful week!