Article – How Does Clairvoyance Work?

“For those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.”  Niels Bohr

Recently I attended a lecture by Chanelle Jumper, Research Chemist at the University of Calgary.  She presented a fascinating view of Quantum vs. Newtonian physics.
My interpretation is as follows:

Isaac Newton’s work advanced the scientific evolution when he described, amongst other things, physical laws of motion that are now referred to as Newtonian Physics.  For example, an apple holds potential energy as it hangs on a tree.  When it falls from the tree, it transfers it’s energy from potential to kinetic once it hits the ground.  One would expect an apple to grow, ripen and eventually fall from the tree because we all understand how the law of gravity works.  Chanelle Jumper illustrated how the quantum world of physics operates outside the macro-Newtonian physical laws that we are all familiar with.  In contrast, with quantum physics, infinite outcomes are possible.  It is only once humans make an observation or interact with things that the quantum world of infinite possibilities immediately collapses into one outcome that is henceforth governed by Newtonian Laws of Physics.

Said another way, if you were about to enter a cave that no human had entered before, anything would be possible because nothing had ever been ‘observed’ or ‘experienced’.  However, the minute you set foot in the cave, all your experiences from the past, your state of mind and your expectations would result in one specific outcome.  The instant you entered, all potential scenarios would collapse into one (visual or experienced) outcome.  Moving forward, anyone who entered the cave would be influenced by the reality that you created in that cave.  However, according to Physicist Thomas Campbell, if you suddenly died without ever having mentioned or documented the cave, someone else entering for the first time would have a completely unique experience different from yours.

If you were a shaman from the mountains of Peru or the forests of Brazil, you might enter that cave and encounter all kinds of bright colourful lights, mystical energies and fascinating harmless creatures.  It might be a place of brilliance for you.  Whereas, if you were a gang member, having grown up in the tougher streets of New York City, entering the cave for the first time you might find yourself in a dark and scary labyrinth of dangerous and life threatening tunnels.  If you photographed the cave or described it to others, you would create that reality for others who enter the cave in the future.

It is becoming apparent that psychic ability operates at a quantum level.

Infrared energy can be measured flowing from the hands of Reikki healers.  Your body also generates electromagnetic energy.  Electricity requires a medium such as water or metal through which to travel whereas electromagnetic energy requires no medium for it to travel.  It passes through all things with ease.  Thoughts, emotions and intention are waves of electromagnetic energy.

A laser beam has highly organized light waves that are ‘in-phase’ and ‘coherent’.  The laser beam’s light shines in a brilliant straight line because its energy flows in waves that are the same wave length, moving in the same direction, at exactly the same rate.  When you go through your normal day, thinking hundreds of random thoughts and feeling countless emotions, you are generating electromagnetic waves that are random and disorganized.  Scientifically, your thought waves would be considered ‘out of phase’ and ‘incoherent’.  In contrast, someone who meditates or is able to organize and control their thoughts generates coherent electromagnetic waves that are in-phase.

When you shine a laser beam through one tiny piece of a hologram, that one piece reproduces the entire hologram because every particle encompasses the entire picture, all the information needed to make up the whole.  Many scientists, philosophers, and Eastern schools of thought such as Buddhism, believe that our reality is in fact a virtual reality made up of data and that everything in our world is actually a hologram that our minds determine to be reality.  Now take your meditating, laser-focused mind and project those waves of  your electromagnetic energy into the cosmos, the theory is that your mind will act like a laser and will illuminate the bigger picture.

At the Monroe Institute, I attended a lecture by the world’s top remote viewer, Joe McGoneagle.  Joe explained that you create your reality just twenty seconds or so before it happens.  In other words, without realizing it, you operate in the quantum world on a regular basis.  Having experienced this phenomenon countless times, Joe now consciously makes a point of operating outside the laws of Newtonian physics, as demonstrated by his remote viewing expertise.  To Joe, the past, present and future are all immediately accessible because he operates outside of time.

How does clairvoyance work?

Clairvoyance means clear seeing.  People who have clairvoyant ability receive information as pictures.  When your thoughts are organized, coherent and in-phase, as they are in a state of meditation, your electromagnetic energy is projected through space with the intensity of a laser beam.  If the cosmos is simply a database of information and reality is truly a hologram, then each tiny particle of the cosmos has the potential to illuminate a much bigger picture, a greater reality, far beyond the physical reality that humans are all familiar with.  When your laser focused electromagnetic energy shines through tiny particles of space (i.e. data) that information can be illuminated like a hologram to reveal all kinds of greater realities or truths.

People who have powerful psychic abilities will generally devote their time to teaching and healing and not waste precious time trying to understand or validate their gifts, talents and abilities.  However, since science dictates so much of what happens on planet Earth, it is wonderful to know that serious and highly trained scientists are working hard to understand the mechanics of the non-physical world.  For that I extend enormous gratitude.



  1. Hi there, I’ve been voices in my head. Not the ones telling what and what not to do and it’s not my conscience. It’s like more of random voices male and female having a conversation. But i’m only getting half and half of a conversation. I do tell my psychiatrist, therapist and even my mother. She said that it was my conscience but my psychiatrist and therapist said that they’ll be looking into int and so far so great; i haven’t heard a response from them.
    What is it???

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Thank you for your comment. It “sounds” like you have the gift of Clair-audience – clear hearing. This is a psychic gift that can be developed. The scientific world can only understand 65% of anything in the cosmos, which they explain in mathematical terms. However, Clair-audience is a spiritual gift so you may not get much help from the medical profession, which is based on the scientific method. The “paranormal” is simply anything that cannot be explained by science.
      All psychic/spiritual gifts can be developed with practice but we usually start with a dominant modality (e.g. visual, audio, kin-aesthetic).
      Use meditation to increase your awareness and write what you hear. Perhaps you’re already receiving beneficial messages or perhaps you can sharpen your Clair-audience, and raise your vibration, to tune-in to higher guidance. As a start, I found an article on-line that may help you.
      Wishing you great success!

  2. I dream to see what will happen today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. I know exactly what will happen. The things is, how do I control this? I told to my mam and she said I have a 3rd eye because of my father’s side. I told this to my father. He believed me… but one time I warned him and he didn’t listen to me. That dream still exists after 4 years. Sometimes it’s about the next day, the following week, or months down the road. How do I know what will be the exact time or date of an event foretold in a dream? Please help me… am feeling alone.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear lleonardo,
      Thank you for your story and your question. If your dreams are prophetic, this is a wonderful blessing. I sympathize with your frustration regarding the timing. Many psychics do not get a proper sense of timing, including me. I’m guessing this is because we’re not meant to know exactly when things will happen. Keep in mind that we are “shown” things in dreams and visions. My guide explained that we are shown things in steps. Think of your spirit guide shining a flashlight in front of you. If you act on the dream and take a step forward, you will be shown the next step. This can be frustrating, but that’s how it’s been for me, and many. It’s about faith. Though we can feel alone at times, we’re not. You’re surrounded by Angels, wonderful guides and ascended Masters. You are loved beyond your knowing. Tune-in to the support you receive from “the other side” and you will begin to see evidence of this.
      Sending Light, Love and wishing you great Joy!

  3. exactly. what i may do?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Leonardo,
      My original response must have been deleted. You can improve your intuition by meditating. Sit quietly in silence, close your eyes, empty your thoughts, and simply be open. Listen, look, sense and feel. Trust whatever comes to you. Do this daily. You can turn your spiritual gifts off and on, but it takes practice. Sometimes, our gifts become very pronounced because spirit is giving us a wake-up call. Clairvoyance is the gift of seeing what spirit guides or angels want you to see. Clairvoyance is simply being “more awake” or “attuned” and able to receive divine messages. You can tune them out. However, we have these gifts for a reason. You’re not alone. Leonardo, the more you tune in, the more clearly you will see the guides and angels who surround, support, and send you messages. When your clairvoyance becomes heightened, you can help others and most people will be very grateful.
      In light, love and joy,


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