How Connected Are We?

‘May Lord Ganesha remove all obstacles,
and give everlasting happiness to you and your family and entire humanity’
Ganesh Chathurti wish

Johnathan Spiers, Meditation Instructor at the OHC in Toronto, gave me a mantra to repeat 125,000 times in order to un-block any obstacles and hasten my writing speed. Mantras are described in the Buddhist Handbook as “highly compressed, power-packed formulas, usually of Sanskrit origin, which are charged with deep meaning and magical potency.”

The mantra I was given calls upon the energy of Ganesh, an elephant-headed deity who, according to Hindu teachings, is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings.  Unfamiliar with the Hindu faith, I had never heard of Ganesh.  However, since the power of intention was so strong, I jumped into repeating the mantra while picturing God in the form of a divine elephant, crashing through giant stumbling blocks with ease, and arriving at an image of my finished book.  For the past week, I’ve managed 10,000 or so repetitions daily.

Last Tuesday, I had a busy day of meetings.  For lunch I met with the Editor of a magazine.  Over lunch, I described some of my experiences with the non-physical world of spirit and commented that it is very much alive and well and playing an active role in people’s lives, whether they know it or not.  I mentioned different belief systems and to my surprize, the editor said, ‘Oh, like, Ganesh and stuff.’  I hadn’t mentioned Ganesh but the elephant image was the first thing to pop into his mind.

Afterwards, I jumped into a taxi to meet with a Volunteer Coordinator and Chaplin of a charitable organization.  In a conversation about hands-on healing, I described the role of prayer as part of the process and explained how clients are asked to pray according to their individual belief systems since they may pray to Jesus, God or spirit beings.  The Chaplin responded, ‘Oh, like Ganesh’.  Once again, I hadn’t mentioned Ganesh but the elephant image was the first thing to pop into his mind as well.

Ten days ago, I hadn’t heard of Ganesh but while the Ganesh mantra was running through my mind, two different people on the same day had mentioned Ganesh.  Coincidence?  You decide.  For me, this was a reminder of our spiritual connection to each other.  It was also a reminder to manage both your words and thoughts about people.  Not only can people feel that you are thinking about them, they can feel WHAT you are thinking.  Mantras can help you with that.  They keep your mind so busy that it stays wonderfully neutral, relaxed, …and clears a few blocks along the way!

“Wake up energy of transformation and move me through any obstacles in my life.”