Benefits of Meditation – A Fountain of Youth?

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill

When you remain focused on positive intention, positive action tends to result. Can you imagine a world of people with dominantly positive frames of mind?  What would that world look like?   Stress causes illness and aging.  If we felt contented, lighthearted, and wore only happy expressions on our faces, at the very least, it’s likely we would all look better!

Since meditation is a matter of intention, regular practice, and concentration, it seems to me that a mind shift, from the negative to the positive, should be relatively easy for most people.  I suspect that when enough people choose to become optimists, we will immediately find ourselves in a better brighter world.

Whenever I feel myself becoming too emotionally engaged in a situation, especially in joint decision-making, I meditate on 3 questions:

1. “What am I really feeling at this moment and why?”

2. “Am I coming from a place of love?”

3. “Am I coming from a place of fear?”

In answering these questions, I often find my ego or inner child is the one who is ‘driving my bus.’ On days when you have the presence of mind to become completely aware of what is happening in that moment internally, you too may realize that some of your thoughts and emotions are being driven by fears that are sometimes just downright irrational.  It is through this level of heightened self-awareness that one can turn a situation completely around.  When we manage to shift from fear to a place of love, magic happens.

Meditation assists in becoming totally self-aware.  Research shows meditation can also add years to your life!  If you think about this, it makes sense.  Meditation reduces stress plus slows down your thoughts, and breathing.  When you are still and calm, the chemical reactions slow down in your body.  Effectively, you are slowing down time and extending your life.