A Meditation Retreat in the Mountains

After an interesting and rewarding career mixed with some active participation as a volunteer attempting to make a positive impact, I recently felt lost and off-track.

For the past two decades, while living in Toronto, I had been a corporate executive in the financial sector. On a volunteer basis, I had been politically active as a President and Vice President of two local Riding Associations. My volunteer work with politicians enabled me to advocate successfully for some of my Aboriginal clients.

At times, I found myself lobbying at the highest levels of the government, in an effort to raise awareness and create environmentally sustainable and socially responsible economic development projects, for a few small businesses and particularly for some of Canada’s First Nation communities. No matter what I was doing, there was always an element of concern and consideration for the environment at play.

Up to this point, I felt that I had led an amazing life. Now, out of a job, and unclear about what to do next, I was living in Calgary with my partner, George. Like my favourite quote by Woody Allen, my philosophy on life had always been to just “show up”. So, in early 2010, when a friend mentioned something about an intensive meditation retreat in the mountains, I signed up without hesitation. I desperately wanted to find the right direction in my life.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Woody Allen, US movie actor, comedian, & director

So that is my first suggestion for you. When you find yourself at a crossroads, get thee to a meditative retreat. It might change your life. Certainly, it changed mine!

Stay tuned for more from The Diamond Lantern tomorrow.