A Guided Tour on the Astral Plane

“The energies will expand and become more powerful than they are and
you will be become more of who you are.” Channelled Message

“Happy New Year!  I wish you all a wonderful 2017!

At my first Monday Night Channelling session of 2017, ten people attended. I channelled a bit then guided the group into trance and the Angels took everyone to the inter-life (life-between-lives).  Many attendees described seeing and interacting with each other on the astral plane. Instead of our usual healing of others on the planet (e.g. politicians, cities, countries…), the Angels focused on healing us and we received new energies. While everyone remained in trance, I facilitated by asking individual attendees, one-by-one, “What are you experiencing?”

People could feel and see the light coming in and several described seeing blue and gold. Several described being in the same structure together, first in an enormous white dome with windows, then being squeezed together in a smaller brightly-lit room. They had tried to go through the door all at once but finally went in single file.  They saw themselves suddenly being pulled together as one then the group shot-upwards, as if through a vacuum, to a higher level.

In this way, they went to more levels and rooms, pausing to experience different things, then were pulled together and “shot-up” again, each time landing on another level.

At the end, Christ came through and said, “It’s time to party and celebrate your new level of consciousness!” The attendees described seeing, hearing and feeling the festivities, music, dance, and everyone began laughing at what the other was doing.

These days, I can only hear and feel. When the Angels step into me, they move my entire body, as some of you have witnessed. So when the group told me later that I’d been there leading group up to the different levels, I had to laugh. I’d had no idea I was even there!

When I’m channelling, Christ, Angels, Ascended Masters or other Guides take control of my body and voice, and push emotions into me to cry away clients’ tears, and that’s pretty much it.  I generally have no idea what’s happening, unless clients tell me.

The Angels said that all who have experienced channelling and hypnosis with me, plus any who have worked with my clients, also received the new energies.

I’ve worked with people and groups in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Europe, Vietnam, India, China, and the USA so it’s encouraging to know that the energies are always distributed far and wide. The Angels explained that the new energies will better assist everyone in illuminating the world and igniting Christ Consciousness in the hearts of all, simply by virtue of shining your light, showing-up, just being with other people.

Oh yes, we had non-physical guests that night. At the beginning, the Angels asked permission for them to attend.  Some in the group could see the visitors and one even interacted with them. They were non-physical beings from another galaxy who also received the energies.

Later that night, a client in Florida reported how he’d fallen into a particularly deep trance and the feeling wouldn’t leave.  I told him about the group session and he laughed.

The Ascension is about everyone rising to a new level of consciousness. From my perspective, it’s quite the master plan that involves the hypnotists, channels, meditators, astral travelers, healers, light workers, artists, singers, musicians and so on.  We’re all part of this massive awakening. Amazing!


  1. Barb Stillman says:

    I would like to say that being part of the Monday Night Channelling session that Elizabeth has explained was even more incredible than one could truly imagine. There is a group of around 10 – 12 who are regular attendees, however, I am very proud that by no means is it a closed group. Last night we had a new lady attend and I heard her say as she was leaving thank you Elizabeth for making me feel so welcome. Every person who comes to The Rose Cottage is intended to be there and is welcomed by all. It is a great privilege to be part of that group and to have Elizabeth facilitate us is beyond anything you could ever hope for. I could not have foreseen how my life would change for the better. We never know what will happen until we get there because Jesus, Angels, Archangels, Serephim guide us to whatever we are being called to do that specific night. My life is so much richer and fuller because of meeting Elizabeth Rose and becoming part of the Monday Night Channelling. I would not miss a night unless we were away. If you are looking for more meaning in your life and would like to explore who you really are, you will want to come to The Rose Cottage. I can not even begin to thank Elizabeth for saying yes to Jesus and doing the healing work that she so tirelessly does with compassion and gentleness. Thank you with all my heart. Barb Stillman

    • Elizabeth Rose says:


      Thank you so very much for your kind words and powerful endorsement of this work. I am deeply touched and sincerely grateful. You’ve all become such powerful healers, channels, and astral travelers. I’m awestruck by this work and the people like yourself who are drawn to it! Thank you for being such a bright light and for bringing other bright lights to Monday Night Channelling!

      In love and gratitude,