Your Soul’s Journey

Temptation on Earth“The conquering of self is truly greater
than were one to conquer many worlds.”
Edgar Cayce

Are you a Cosmic Citizen?  Years ago, the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce described the ‘Big Bang’ as an event where countless souls separated from source and descended into the realm of matter.  He called this involution and any movement back toward the source evolution.

According to Cayce, there’s a divine design where millions of different solar systems and planets exist to provide diverse experiences to help develop the full potential of our idiosyncratic souls.  For example, in our solar system, though other planets may seem barren, Cayce said they are all densely populated with souls operating at different vibrations or level of consciousness.

Cayce described cosmic portals where souls can pass from one solar system to another, commenting that Arcturus is an important cosmic portal for souls on our solar system.  His description is similar to the ‘inter-life’ in Dr. Michael Newton’s book, “Memories of the Afterlife”.  As a hypnotist, I use the ‘inter-life’ as a portal for any client wishing to access higher consciousness guidance or recall previous lifetimes, as described in my book, “Diamond Lantern”.  It may be that these portals are what scientists refer to as worm holes in the space-time continuum.

Edgar Cayce explained that each planet is a specialized school to provide unique learning experiences for the development of souls.  He outlined how different qualities can be attained through a sojourn on each planet:

Mercury/Hermes – Quickness of Wit, Eloquence and Communication (high mental abilities – 7 dimensions of consciousness)

Venus/Aphrodite – Parental Love, Filial Love, Love of Nature (greater appreciation for aesthetics – art, music, and all things beautiful – 4 dimensions of consciousness)

Mars – Energy/Activity.  The challenge is to use energy and action in a positive way rather than letting anger dominate

Jupiter/Jove – Strength, Broadness of Vision, Ennobling Influences in All Aspects of Life (positions of leadership and power – 5 dimensions of consciousness)

Saturn/Father Time – Sudden changes, Beginning of Earthly Woes, All insufficient matter is cast for purification – like the reformatting of a drive that contains a virus.  The soul gets wiped clean and starts again

Uranus – Eccentricity, Extremes – Very good or Very bad, but seldom in moderation.  Beings have strong Psychic/Occult consciousness – 8 dimensions, tied to Atlantis)

Neptune/Poseidon – Mysticism, Spiritual Insight “Many dimensions”, influenced by water

Pluto/Hades/Vulcan – Adverse experience, self-centeredness

Cayce said humans resonate like radio receivers and transmitters via subtle energies, which is how astrology influences our consciousness.  Since each of us has sojourned on different planets and stars and in different solar systems, we resonate to the planets and stars.  Individuals who lived certain planets previously are influenced by the movements of those planets today.  Planets and stars impact our thoughts, emotions and actions.  Positive choices in those realms lead to positive influences by the planets.  The reverse was true as well.  Though Cayce described astrology as a fact, he said, “No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the WILL of an individual.”

Edgar Cayce considered Earth/Gaia to be the capstone for any soul’s education in this part of the galaxy.  He described how, on Earth, the soul can apply all lessons learned in the other sojourns and become master of the flesh body. 

Both Edtar Cayce and Robert Monroe warned about getting stuck on planet Earth.  According to Robert Monroe of The Monroe Institute, any graduate of planet Earth graduates with distinction.  He described the Earth as one of the toughest schools because it’s so hard to transcend the strong attraction to so many earthly delights. Humans become addicted to food, alcohol, sex, and endless life experiences.  Craving more experiences, they get stuck in the karmic cycle of reincarnation.It’s also extremely difficult for humans to transcend the emotional, psychological, and physical pain of the Earth realm, and ascend to the non-physical levels of higher consciousness.   If you do manage to get unstuck from planet Earth, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re one of the few.

ref: Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.


  1. This is really interesting reading to take part of. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing so much for us to reflect on.