Why Heal Now?

DSC01269“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little
to find it.”  Tori Amos

Astonishing healing has resulted from my channeling God, Jesus and the Angels but they rarely promise specific results.

When first learning to heal, I used Dreamhealer, Adam McLeod’s techniques of intention combined with visualization to remedy migraines, blood pressure, and a number of other problems.

Later, I reversed our German Shepherd’s degenerative disease using an “Amega Wand.” Our pet had collapsed and was no longer able to walk on her hind legs. Three hours of wanding resulted in her walking again. We were astonished.

For six months, I dutifully “wanded” our dog’s hind legs every day so she could walk, but there was something spiritually wrong with this approach. When I stopped wanding, her legs immediately became useless again so I finally took this as a sign from God to stop wanding. My other half bought her a special wheel cart so she was able to run and go for walks for another year or so.

A friend with cancer had seven or eight people with Amega Wands working on him at once. With so many healers working together, everyone was perplexed when they were unable to reverse the disease. Why didn’t the healing work?

When energy healing doesn’t work, there could be many reasons. If a person’s diet is negatively impacting them, they may not heal. If stress is hurting their health and they stay in the stressful situation, they may not heal. If a person hasn’t done the work to clear an underlying emotional, mental or spiritual issue, a physical ailment or disease might persist or re-occur. Also, a person won’t heal if their soul is learning a lesson from a particular medical challenge.

There’s an emotion behind every illness. After doing hours and hours of Yoga, sometimes for 7 or 10 hours straight, it seems every kink in my body has a memory attached to it. As I’m doing Yoga, I’ll experience flash-backs to moments I haven’t thought of for decades. They’re not all traumatic, but they’re definitely not happy experiences.

In 2012, I received a transmission of CCMBA/CCSMC and no longer used the Amega Wand to heal but instead did hands-on healing and remote healing. Since November 2014, as a result of my channeling, God, Jesus, Archangels, and Angels have simply stepped-in to heal through me. They move my hands, and sometimes my entire body, and now the healing is quicker and can be even more astonishing

When a client called me for some medical advice I heard Jesus say, “You’re a healer of souls, not a doctor.”

Indeed, the focus of my work is to release lifetimes of ancient hurts, wounds and emotional traumas through channeled energy healing, past life regression, and inter-life regression, among other things. Occasionally the healing of one issue may be instantaneous, but then another issue can soon surface. Healing is like peeling away the layers of an onion. Hypnosis can surface and release a childhood trauma and ease the symptom in the adult, but then the illness might not disappear until associated anger or guilt are released through another channelled modality. Healing is a process and each layer takes time and effort to heal.

With work, complete healing of the body, heart and soul is possible!

Jesus and the Angels have been working on me daily for years. Jesus message to, “Lighten-up!” has been echoing in my head since 2013. They got me off sugar, caffeine, meat, alcohol and grains. Then, they insisted on my consuming only local food, no imports. Since May 22, 2015, twenty Ascended Masters have had me doing hours of Yoga and Prayer daily. I also meditate and self-hypnotized daily. During intensive past life and inter-life regression sessions, facilitated by Jesus, Angels, and my constant spirit guide, I have sobbed my way through the recall and release of lifetimes of traumas.

Last Tuesday, while working with a client, the Angels told me I was now fully healed. Surprized, I kept asking, “Really?” and they kept repeating, “Yes Elizabeth.”  After years of work, lifetimes of hurts, wounds and traumas had finally been released.  Hurray!  One down, seven billion to go?

If I can do it, so can you!

Why lighten-up mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually? a) You can improve every aspect of your life.  b) “It’s time!”  This is the Ascension.  Lighten-up to transcend the physical world of suffering and ascend to the non-physical world of highest consciousness.