What’s Your Role?

“Death is just the last scene of the last act.” Joyce Carol Oates, Blonde

What’s your role in this lifetime?

When actors ‘get into character’ they perform the same psychophysical actions repeatedly until they eventually habituate those actions and any associated feelings.  After the performance, actors can find it difficult to immediately shake off their character’s feelings.  Some of the residual connection between their actions and their feelings while on stage will remain and it can be a struggle to shake off the character they portrayed.  When I watch a movie or a play, it seems to me that the actors must surely be learning the same lessons learned by the characters they portray.

Some people believe that we can’t learn everything in one lifetime and must reincarnate in order to learn what is needed to evolve to a higher level of consciousness.  If we didn’t get the point, we might have to repeat a lesson …or a lifetime.

When I think of reincarnation, I wonder how many lifetimes have been erased by virtue of actors on stage learning their lessons while acting out various dramas, traumas and tragedies.  Surely some of the greatest actors have become the most spiritually awakened.

Aren’t we all actors?  We’re actors without a script.  When we show-up in this lifetime, we are generally presented with a family situation, a series of events and circumstances to respond to, and countless decisions to make about how we’re going to move forward.  Each decision propels us toward darkness or light, ignorance or awareness, and results in either a negative or positive experience.  All the world’s a stage …and a school.

As a hypnotherapist, I’ve become increasingly aware of the different roles we play throughout our lives and different lifetimes.  Whether real or imagined, strong emotions are often experienced during a past life regression.  These experiences can be profound.  It seems that the more painful the experience, the greater the lesson learned.  At the conclusion of the hypnosis session, every client so far has been able to relay a lesson learned from a previous lifetime.  When looking back at past life events through the eyes of their present day selves, clients can achieve an amazing perspective.  This has me convinced that a little bit of karmic debt is erased each time a client recalls a pivotal moment in a previous lifetime

When you look back on your life, what has been your role or roles?  Who are the leading characters?  What lessons have you learned?  What lessons have you taught?

To me, our collective goal is heightened awareness.  With heightened awareness, life lessons won’t need repeating.   Something to strive for!