What Healing Really Is

JohnFrederickOwlChannelled Message from the Angels

“Yes Elizabeth, you have been doing intensive work with us every day, with the Ascended Masters in Yoga, and with us at night. You are doing intensive healing by digging down into past life memories, surfacing the darkness, digging deep within the core of your being, and pulling up the darkness and bringing it to light, and this is what healing is.

Many of your clients expect you to hand them healing on a silver platter but that is not how healing works. They must do the work. They must go deep deep deep inside, guided through your channeling by us, the Angels and the divine specialists.  They must dig deep to find those hidden darknesses, those tragic moments in previous lifetimes. They must go very deep and it is emotional work. It is emotional work, for when they hit upon those buried dramas, hurts and pains, there is an emotional release, like a fountain that bubbles up, like a spring that bubbles up from deep within the ground. It takes over their being until they become wracked with sobs. Some will scream. Many will cry very hard and long, while others will laugh because they can’t handle the emotion, and this is the work.

All release is beneficial but no release means no work. Doctor Sharon Forrest has told you many times, “You must feel to heal. You must feel in order to heal.”

Elizabeth, you have been feeling and sobbing through every trauma and every past life tragedy.  Last night’s past life regression experience was very tragic, cruel, and ruthless. You were married to an ice cold and brutal husband who, when he engaged you in a soul contract, hoped you could heal him because of your light.  However, he later resented your happiness. When he was born, he was brutally attacked and beaten by cruel parents and when he married you, his anger, his sorrow and his depression surfaced. In a rage, he killed you and your child with a sledge hammer and you sobbed as you recalled the experience. You sobbed heart-felt sobs for quite a while and we escorted him away for he was still holding on to your energy. He was hiding. Yes, he was hiding his face from God’s light but he could no longer hide and no longer wished to. He willingly walked away with us into the light and it was a healing, not just for you, but for him, and for the baby.

That is healing. That is healing, and that is what your clients have been unwilling to do, until they become more deeply immersed in the process of healing.

You must explain to them in-depth what healing is. You will write about it. You will explain and you can also demonstrate it on yourself Elizabeth. Yes. Yes. You have sobbed once or twice in front of your guests when we touched an emotional point, when awareness came to light. They saw what it was to suddenly burst into tears and tears are truth. Tears are truth! This is what you must write about Elizabeth for your clients do not understand.

Your clients want to hear prophesy. They want to hear about all the good things that will happen to them in the future but until they do the work, they will be stuck in ancient patterns, they will be stuck on a broken record track, playing over and over again, repeating the same behaviours. They do not realize what the work entails.

Healing is not simply through awareness. It is a release of deep-rooted emotion and emotional trauma from days gone by, from decades gone by, from lifetimes gone by. Healing is a process. It happens over time and through experience but it is also a peeling away of layers of corrosion from your auric field, from energies deep within the core of your being. Your spiritual gifts develop as healing becomes more pronounced. It is indeed deep deep deep deep deep work and clients must be courageous, willing to go into the depths of their soul, and be willing to face whatever they encounter.

Not all will be proud of their behavior in the past, but God does not judge. We do not judge. There is no judgement here. There is only healing and love, and that is what we wished to talk about today, to assist your clients in better understanding what healing is.

We send all love and gratitude for those who are doing the work to heal themselves for when you heal yourself, you heal others. Thus, you are doing the work, not just for yourself, but for your loved ones, for your families, for your relatives, for your friends, for your neighbours, and for all on the planet, for all are connected and when you heal, the world heals with you.

Thus, we wished to deliver this message today.

Amen. Amen. Amen.”


Elizabeth Rose