Twin Souls Reunite

JamieJanover“In this life, or the next, I will find you.”

A pattern is starting to emerge with my clients.  While doing the
Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive, they experience many Past Life Regressions, Inter-Life Regressions, and are also connected to their twin flame.

Some Full Immersion clients book hourly Skype sessions, either daily or once a week, while others stay at The Rose Cottage  for up to 7 full days.  Regardless of how clients have experienced the Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive, over time, all have awakened to new levels of consciousness, healed, let go of emotional baggage, and even become full channels themselves.

The Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive is completely channelled.  My Guides, your Guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Jesus, God, and others work quickly to facilitate channelled readings, channelled hypnosis, and channelled healing.  Clients heal themselves, their families, and also their twin souls.

I’m both grateful and in awe for the opportunity to do this work.  My clients are amazing people who will go to great lengths to heal at all levels, plus understand who they are, all they’re capable of, and their life purpose.  When clients do this work, emotional healing happens, their astonishing spiritual gifts surface, and their life missions are revealed.

It can take great courage to do this type of work and my clients have been fearless in this process of awakening to who they really are – great, positive, and healing beings who are more powerful than they could have imagined.

As Michael Sheridan and others have attested, the work is intensive, but highly illuminating, healing, and liberating. Upon completion, you know who you are, you know your gifts and abilities, and what you can do to fulfill your life’s mission.  You also realize that you’re an eternal soul and the other half of another twin soul who loves you dearly.

I have two clients that go into trance and do the Full Immersion into Spirit Intensive together via Skype. They experience the same past life regressions together, they travel up to the inter-life, have experiences with their twin souls together, and all stand face-to-face with the same Guides and Angels that I am channelling.  The following is a message from one of these clients:

“It was wonderful. I find it very fulfilling to hear you vocalizing my feelings, or what I see, and vice versa.. It’s amazing we can all journey via Skype. Thank you both so much. Love and light.” Skype Client in Spain


Spiritual healing and consciousness exploration is not for the faint of heart.  However, you can begin the process with a simple 30 minute reading to see what your guides have to tell you.

“I was surprised I was able to slip into the trance so easily. As soon as I saw you on the screen, I picked up immense love and energies.  I went to kundalini yoga just now, and had the deepest practice I’ve ever had. Bolts of energy were going through my body, moving my arms and shoulders …  And I’m seeing certain images and visions.  I’ve never felt so awakened in my life.  A lot is making sense now to me.”   Luke Elwin, New Zealand

“Thank you Elizabeth for bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth. Peace, Love and Light be with you always, Gratitude and Blessings.”     Beverly Stickley, Halifax,