Twin Flame Stories on Valentines Day


“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” Judy Garland

I did a channelled telephone reading for a lovely woman in Texas. She called five months later to let me know the outcome. Here’s the story.

The woman had requested a channelled reading specifically for the purpose of connecting with her twin soul. The Angels stated that her twin flame was in the physical world. However, before she could connect with him, she must eat more greens. The rest of the reading focused on changing her diet.

The woman asked for more details about her twin. I can’t remember all her questions but they went something like this, “How will I recognize him? What’s his name? When will he show up?”

Given that the woman didn’t want to accidentally miss meeting her twin soul, these questions were understandable. However, the Angels did not provide any further answers and only focused on diet.

Five months later, the woman called to thank me.  She was thrilled!  She’d changed her diet by eating greens and this had done wonderful things for her.

The woman was now very grateful for the reading.  I was also very grateful because she provided me with validation.  I work hard to be a clear channel and accurately deliver messages from divinity and spirit guides.  However, the answers to your questions are not always what you expect.  Repeatedly, I’ve realized that clients receive the guidance they need, but not always the guidance they want.

The woman’s twin flame had turned out to be someone that she already knew.  She said, “Had I known that he was my twin soul, I would have thrown myself at him!  Instead, we didn’t kiss for four months!”  She continued by saying, “If I’d thrown myself at him, I would have pushed him away!  Thank you Elizabeth Rose.  You have an amazing gift!”

Another wonderful client went through my “Full Immersion into Spirit” in a series of hourly sessions via Skype.  She experienced many past life and inter-life regressions and released years of emotional baggage.  She also connected with her twin soul on the astral plane and they did the work together.  They healed from a variety of traumas and heartbreaks that they’d experienced in previous lifetimes together.  She hadn’t met him yet in the physical world but he told her that she’s going to meet him one day.  She has since learned to go into trance and connect with him on her own.  When she connects with her twin flame and feels his outpouring of love, it’s so powerful, it can bring her to tears.

Your twin soul is always with you on the astral plane.  Connect!

Another wonderfully tuned-in client reported, “I’ve had so many weird changes happen since I’ve been seeing you.  It really is ridiculous.  Things that you can’t ignore, you can’t make up.  It’s life changing.  It’s really like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.  I can’t even begin.  All the heaviness was removed.  I would go to doctors but there was something missing, there was something wrong.  I’ve been searching for the last few years for that thing to get me over the hump.  I didn’t think I could get over that hump. You read books.  You do this and that to be at peace and make small changes but, something’s missing.  Sometimes you just can’t do it on your own, unless you figure out how to release the past and the pain.  I knew there was more.   I was guided to you and I still don’t remember how. The changes are just happening.  I feel a thousand pounds lighter. I can’t thank you enough.  Holy cow.  It’s life changing.”

Heal your own heart until you feel the love shining within.
Then you’ll attract the love you seek.
Happy Valentine’s Day!



Elizabeth Rose

Create a Happy Day and a Happy Life!