The Most Powerful Healing on the Planet


“All healing is first a healing of the heart.”
Carl Townsend

Last week, the Ontario Hypnosis Centre hosted Dr. Sharon Forrest who flew-in from Vancouver to teach “Hands-on-Healing /CCMBA and CCSMC” and “Multi-Generational/Genealotical Release and Healing.”  Miraculous!  What I experienced and witnessed were beyond explanation.

I’d learned Dr. Forrest’s hands-on healing technique previously and healed many clients with it.  However, it had been a while since I’d received a healing myself so here’s what happened:

Hands-on Healing with CCMBA/CCSMC:  For a while, I sat peacefully while the facilitator touched her hands to my head.  Gradually, I began to smell smoke.  It was quite strong and I commented to the facilitator, “Do you think they’re burning garbage in the building?”  She said, “I smell it too.  It’s very strong!”  The smoke was unpleasant and I found it rather annoying that the building’s management would burn garbage when people were still in the building.  Suddenly, my emotions overtook me and I could feel enormous sadness.  Tears came to my eyes and I wondered, “How can they do this to me?”  At the same time, I wondered, “Who are they?  Do what to me?”  As I continued to sit, I was suddenly immersed in a past-life memory of being burned at the stake.  In that lifetime, I was a simple pagan healer.  After I’d healed a gnarled old woman of her afflictions, she convinced the authorities that my practice must be demonic because I wasn’t a Christian.  As I stood burning at the stake, I felt helpless, hopeless and betrayed by the people I’d loved and cared for.  Tears were rolling down my cheeks when the facilitator said, “Oh!  There’s smoke coming out the top of your head!  The smoke’s from you!”

When the session was over, we both stepped into the hallway to see if we could smell smoke, but the air was clean and fresh.  Amazing!

Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment CCMBA/Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing CCSMC. Claimed by researchers to be the most powerful ‘Hands-On-Healing’ Technique in the medical and spiritual fields today and written up in 100s of books. The CCBMA/CCSMC Energy works with the Higher Self on the individual’s issues no matter what they are and invariably obtains results! The CCBMA/CCSMC Energy targets the problem wherever it exists and works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

When people hurt you,
it’s because they are hurt.

Multi-Generational/Genealogical Clearing and Healing: This remarkable healing technique amazed me when I suddenly found myself standing in someone’s shoes.  The healing process allowed me to, quite literally, see through the eyes of someone who’d hurt me when I was a child.  Looking through their eyes, I re-experienced the shock, pain and sadness when they’d attacked me at age four, but I also experienced a trauma that had happened to them when they were a child.  Immediately, I understood how their experience had resulted in their tendency to attack small vulnerable children.

Healing occurs through forgiveness.  When you truly understand another person’s pain, no matter what someone has done to hurt you, you realize it was because they themselves were hurting.  Love and compassion come through understanding another person’s pain.  When this happens, you yourself become healed emotionally and often physically.  Miraculously, that person heals emotionally or physically too!  That’s where the healing becomes multi-generational.  At the workshop, people were healing parents, sons, daughters, teachers, employers and strangers because they were healing themselves and seeing through the eyes of those who had hurt them, or suffered at their hands.  Amazingly, many people experienced stigmata, where physical wounds from the past surfaced on their necks, hands and faces, then faded away.

The technique only works for healing.  You can’t see through another person’s eyes with the intention of robbing them.  You can only have the intention of healing.  We are all protected in that way.  Powerful stuff!

Multi-Generational/Genealogical Clearing and Healing:  A rapid, effective, lasting way to resolve conflict, hurts, anger, misunderstandings and unresolved situations with anyone, in minutes, and they don’t even have to be present.  Break multigenerational patterns, heal relationship with mates, friends, parents, children, partners, bosses, employees,… anyone – dead or alive…… even the one you have with yourself.  Turn from anger and resentment to love and compassion.  Witness the ripple effects in your life. Heal yourself, loved ones and others.

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  1. Charles Fourness says:

    I need healing.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      The Angels said you can be healed. You can relax, go into trance, and pray to God on High, stay in trance and simply be open. I also transmit healing.