The Crucifixion 3

Portion of a transcript from a past life regression hypnotherapy session recorded March 12, 2012

Client:  And now, the others are there.  (sighs) And he’s…. (sighs)  I see Jesus carry (begins crying) he’s stumbling, his arms are bound, to, to a cross and he’s carrying it.  It’s so heavy.  He can’t even straighten (crying ) He’s so bloody.  He’s so bloody.  (sobs)  He’s almost on his knees with the weight, …but he continues. I see his will, I see his resolve, and I see his knowing (sobbing)

As he passes by, he glances and we all know, and we get a thousand messages in that one glance, and we know, this was his path, and I see blood, I see so much blood on him (sighs deeply)  and he’s going, other people are following.

It’s quiet. There’s this heaviness.  It’s quiet.  Everyone’s silent.  It’s like it’s dark.  There’s this heaviness and we’re just so filled with grief, and I can’t… I just have to go, and follow with the rest of them, and he’s carrying the burden, he’s carrying it all.  He’s carrying it.  And I hear the logs, the wood, the wood is scraping on the ground.  It’s just scraping.  He can barely… he’s just bent over.

After, …I know, …I go up and I touch his foot.  He’s already dead.  (breaks down crying)

(sighs) I was alone when I was there.  His smooth foot.  His touch. (crying)

(sighs) There were others there, on crosses.  I just really see the nail through his foot.  It’s more like a spike.  It’s uh….  (bursts out crying)  How can they do that?  How can they do that? (sobs)

Mary’s there. She has a veil over her head.  She’s wearing a shawl over her head, a veil, and she’s bending down and praying, so I pray with her.  We just pray.  We just pray.  I’m too sad.  I can’t go to the light.  I’m too sad.  I just pray.  I pray that Jesus is okay.  That he’s with God.  I just pray (sighs,  cries)

We’re both crying.  We’re both… Mary’s got her head on the ground and she’s crying.  I’m trying to comfort her (sighs) I have my arm on her back and she’s sobbing and she’s doing what I just did. And now I’m just trying to be present for Mary.