The Crucifixion 2

Portion of a transcript from a past life regression hypnotherapy session recorded March 12, 2012

Hypnotherapist: What else do you see?

Client: (sighs) I see Jesus hanging his head.  I think, I think he’s been forced to stand for a very long time, in the sun with no water, and he seems to be, I think,  I get a sense that they’ve tortured him, but I don’t think I saw it.  I think that’s what happened.  I think I saw when he was dragged out again.  So he was tortured, from the time they took him away, something happened.  And when they dragged him out in front of the authorities, he was exhausted.

And so he’s standing straight, and finally he hangs his head, because of exhaustion, maybe pain.  I can’t tell. He’s crumbled. He’s fallen on the ground.  And they’ve dragged him away (sees two soldiers dragging him by the shoulders, off the platform, down stairs to the left).  So we’re watching from a distance (sighs) I don’t know where he is.

Hypnotherapist: What do you do?

Client: I go to Mary.  (crying)  We feel so much pain cause we can’t do anything and we must just watch this unfold.  We don’t know how he’s suffering.  (sighs) I get a sense that we went back to the cave, for the night.

Hypnotherapist: Is it the cave where you were writing?

Client:  Yes.

Hypnotherapist: Okay.  What happens?

Client: We’re exhausted. …and we were crying and we were just holding each other and… Not everyone is there.  I get the sense that we’re alone there for a while and we’re grieving.  It’s, …we can’t plan to rescue him cause we know… that this is his plan, so there’s a sense of futility, a bit of dejection.  I feel sick.  I feel sick, inside.  I feel so ill.  And I just want to die (breaks down crying)  I want to die to be with him, when he dies.

And I toughen up.  I go back.  I think we go back the next day.

Hypnotherapist: What do you see when you go back.

Client: People are sleeping in the streets.  I went early.  People are there gathering.  People are just there waiting.  (sighs)  It’s like, they’re in limbo now.  They feel lost,  without Christ.  I see people just huddling in the streets.  There’s people everywhere.  Some are sleeping, some are crouching.  There’s just a lot of people in the streets, wherever there’s a space to sleep, people are on the ground.  And the sun is rising.

I get a sense that Jesus is pulled out again, so that everyone can see him.

Hypnotherapist: Can you see him?

Client:  It’s almost like a repeat of the day before.  I get a sense that there’s three days where they keep trying to bend his will.  I don’t know what they’re doing, but I get a sense that they do this for three days and then drag him out every time, so that he will renounce God, that he’s God, renounce God.  He will renounce…

Hypnotherapist:  What else do you see?

Client: I just see light. (sighs) Jesus is telling me to go inside and go to the light, go inside, and I’ve gone, cause I can’t watch it any more, I can’t watch it. And I go to the light, I go inside and I climb, I spiral up, and I’m looking for peace, and I’m trying to make sense of it all.  We were told. We all knew this would happen, but it doesn’t make it easier, it doesn’t make the suffering any easier.

Hypnotherapist: Are the others there with you?

Client:  No.  No.  I’m alone in the cave and I’m trying to stay in the light as long as possible.  I don’t want to come down.  And God’s speaking to me (begins sobbing) He’s saying “Go!”  (crying)  He’s saying, “Go, to Jesus.” And I’m obedient and I go back.