The Crucifixion 1

Portion of a transcript from a past life regression hypnotherapy session recorded March 12, 2012

Hypnotherapist: What is happening?

Client: The little, not so little, …the boy has run ahead to let people know that Jesus is coming.

Jesus is robed now.  He’s walking with everyone.  He leads.  He walks along the street, …road.  A boy has run ahead, and now, people are coming. (sighs) and Jesus is being swarmed.  He’s moving slowly forward and he’s so loving (smiles, laughs) he just reaches, and people are, …just reaches.  He’s open to people.  (sighs) He just holds their hand as he walks by.  He just reaches out for them and he’s got so much love in his face, …his eyes.  He loves everybody so much.  He just loves.  And he’s just walking and people are coming to him and he keeps walking, but touching.  He’s always touching.  It’s so beautiful.  And Mary’s beside him.  Peter.  I keep getting Peter.

Hypnotherapist: Okay

Client: And we’re all there, but it’s Mary, Jesus, and Peter at the front, mostly Jesus at the front, walking through the crowd, and there’s palm leaves.  They’re laying down palm leaves, so they’ve created a, um, …like a path of leaves.  They’re being laid down as he walks forward.  They’re trying to shelter him from the sun, with palm leaves.  Someone has a palm leaf.  They’re stretching it out over the crowd to shelter him.

I don’t know where we’re going.  The crowd is taking him somewhere.

He’s being led now.  He’s got his arms like that,  (reaches both arms forward) and people are leading him.  There’s two people on either side leading him.

Hypnotherapist: You all follow?

Client: I think he’s being pulled away from us.

Hypnotherapist: What do you all do?

Client: I get the sense we’re hanging back.  I don’t know why.  I’m trying to see who’s got his hands, his arms.  (sighs) I don’t know if what I’m seeing is real. I think the authorities have him.  I think he’s in custody.  And people are yelling, and they’re throwing stones at soldiers.  They’re throwing things at soldiers.  He’s just going with them.  He just has this look on his face.

I’m looking at him from behind now.  And he’s just walking.  They’re just… two soldiers have him. One on either side (sees Roman soldiers) and they’re… taking him somewhere.  I see an authority in a chair.  I see a decision maker.

Hypnotherapist: Do you know who it is?

Client: I hear the name Nero.  I don’t know if this is accurate.

Hypnotherapist: What happened?

Client: They’ve taken his robe down and for some reason, he’s just bare chested.  I guess it’s to, um, secure his arms.  And he’s just standing there, in front of this decision maker, on a platform (sighs).  I don’t know if I’m confusing a movie image with the image I’m seeing.  It’s a building.  But it’s like a platform.  It’s so that the people can watch.  It’s outside and it’s so the people can see what’s going on.

They’re trying to make a mockery of him.  And the people are angry, but they’re obeying the guards.  So, Jesus is standing in front of this authority who’s sitting in a chair (sighs) and he’s got his arms twisted behind his back.  And he’s just standing straight and looking.  I’m over here (to the right).  I can see from a distance.

Hypnotherapist: What happens?

Client: I see somebody prods him, here. (points to upper left part of chest beside the arm) They’re making a point that if he was God, he wouldn’t bleed.  He’s bleeding.   That’s all.  They made one jab with a spear.  And so it’s a discussion about whether he’s God or not.

Hypnotherapist: What does he say

Client:  Nothing.  And the people are yelling.  It’s like this debate.

Hypnotherapist: And who’s debating?

Client: I see others.  I see three.  Okay, so I just saw the first authority sitting in a chair and Jesus facing him and Guards behind, and now I’m aware of two others, two other authorities on either side.  They’re standing up.  I don’t know (sees black, with colours, colourful feathers.)  They’re very colourful, colourful robes…