Shocking Food and Exercise Facts

FoodForThought‘Once during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but
food and water.’

In a dream, I reached into a refrigerated glass case for a plated sandwich.  The bread had a feather sticking out of it.  When I lifted the sandwich, the top slice slid onto the floor.  What could this mean?

According to Aisling Dream Dictionary, when food is upset or spoiled in a dream, it’s a warning not to eat it.  The same afternoon, I watched a BBC documentary that reported a common processing aid in bread is made from chicken feathers.  I gather that I’m not meant to eat commercially processed bread. Are you?

Curious, I did some research and came up with more interesting facts on food and exercise from BBC’s “How to Be Slim” and Sky Channel 105’s “50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise“.

It’s no surprize to learn that WE EAT TOO MUCH REFINED SUGAR – According to Sky Channel, statistically, on average, each person consumes 47 pounds of sugar per year.

OUR ADDICTION TO REFINED SUGAR AND CAFFEINE CAN BE TRACED BACK TO HIGH TEA IN ENGLAND – BBC reported that when the British Empire ruled the seas, they held a monopoly on sugar cane plantations in the Americas. During Britain’s industrial revolution, the concept of High Tea was introduced in the factories.  Caffeine and sugar, in the form of coffee, tea plus jam slathered on layers of biscuits and cakes, were fed to the factory workers to boost their energy.  Life became a vicious cycle of crash, crave, consume and work until the next crash.  When Napoleon competed with Beet Sugar in France, caffeine and sugar addiction spread throughout the western world.

DIET DRINKS TELL YOUR BRAIN YOU NEED SUGAR and they are often LOADED WITH CAFFEINE.  According to Sky TV, Monsanto developed ASPARTAME, a neuro-toxin that causes damage to your cells, to your brain function, plus it’s carcinogenic.  It’s really unhealthy for people drinking more than one diet soda a day.  Aspartame is in most chewing gum. Other names for Aspartame include: NutraSweet, Equal, VitaSweet, Spoonful, Canderel, E951, etc.

Aspartame complaints account for approximately 70 percent of ALL complaints to the FDA!!  It is implicated in everything from blindness to headaches to convulsions. Sold under dozens of brand names such as NutraSweet and Equal, aspartame breaks down within 20 minutes at room temperature into several primary toxic and dangerous ingredients:

1. DKP (diketopiperazine) (When ingested, converts to a near duplicate of a powerful brain tumor causing agent)
2. Formic Acid (ant venom)
3. Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)
4. Methanol (causes blindness… extremely dangerous substance) ref: The Idaho Observer 4-2-3

DON’T USE OFFICE COFFEE CUPS – 1 in 5 office coffee cups contain a killer virus, from the office dish cloth.  They’re generally okay if they come out of the dishwasher.

MANY BRANDS CLAIMING TO BE VIRGIN OLIVE OIL AREN’T.  They’re a blend of flavored non-olive vegetable oils (corn, safflower, etc.) – Do extensive research before purchasing any oil that claims to be virgin olive oil. 

EAT BREAKFAST – Science has discovered that missing breakfast can make you gain body fat.  It kicks-off your digestive system and starts burning calories.  We’ve evolved to enjoy a big breakfast.  Without breakfast, your brain panics and craves sweets.

DON’T DO COLONIC IRRIGATION – Scientific research determined there is no value in this type of detox.  Getting rid of the friendly bacteria in your gut is dangerous.  It alters the absorption of minerals, can decrease potassium levels and this may be dangerous.

BOTTLED WATER is 2,500% more expensive than household tap water.  Scientists think tap water is fine and filtering water doesn’t make that much difference. 

VITAMIN A – It’s easy to overdose on this vitamin.

VITAMIN C – High doses give you stomach upset and diarrhea, and you urinate most of it away.

TRAINERS WITH THICK HEALS RESULT IN KNEE INJURIES – We’re made to run on the balls of our feet first and the heel second.  Barefoot running reduces injuries but you must break into it gradually  so your arch stretches and naturally absorbs.

ALCOHOL MAY ALTER THE LEVELS OF HEALTHY GOOD FAT HDL and REDUCE HEART DISEASE BY 25% IN MODERATE DRINKERS – Reduces cardiovascular disease by 25%  according to the British Medical Journal

TRANS FATS MIGHT JUST KILL YOU – All the low fat spreads that you think are better than butter are fatty compounds that had hydrogen pumped into them (hydrogenation) and the consequences can be quite direYour body wraps toxic food in fat.  It’s worth nothing that dogs won’t eat margarine.

3 -10 MINUTES HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL PROGRAM PER WEEK IS BETTER than the current 150 minutes of jogging or walking per week.  Minimum requirement is 3 X 30 seconds, three times a week, based on 7 years of research.  This will improve your insulin sensitivity and fitness to the same degree.

SPORTS AND ENERGY DRINKS CONTAIN MAINLY SUGAR AND WATER – If they added salt, you wouldn’t enjoy the drink anymore.

FOOD HAS VERY LITTLE NUTRITIONAL VALUE  Commercial fruit and vegetable producers add very few nutrients to soil resulting in food with very little nutritional value.

Cabbage:            1914       248 mg Calcium

1992         47 mg of Calcium

Spinach              1914       64 mg of Iron

1992         3 mg of Iron

You’d have to eat 30X more to get the right iron content

HOT YOGA CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH Hot yoga is a hot-bed for germs, dehydration makes you become tired and shaky.  The constant heat, dirty mats, and sweat are breeding ground for nasty bugs.  Rooms aren’t properly ventilated.  Bacterial meningitis are just two problems Mononucleosis that arise from hot yoga.


EATING LESS MAKES YOU HEALTHIER AND LIVE LONGER (below 1000 cal per day) – internally, bodies are younger.

RUNNING CAN RUIN YOUR JOINTS AND CAUSE EARLY ONSET OF ARTHRITIS – By running regularly, you gain 40 years of wear and tear in 2 years.  Cartilage doesn’t regenerate.  Doesn’t do you good to pound the pavement or the gym.  You’ll age more quickly.

Fat makes you hungry.  Low fat protein makes you feel full.

EAT LOW FAT DAIRY (i.e. CALCIUM) TO EXCRETE MORE FAT AND ABSORB FEWER CALORIES – All due to the CALCIUM100% more fat is excreted on A high calcium diet.  Calcium increases the absorption of Fat


THE MORE YOU’RE GIVEN, THE MORE YOU EAT – EVEN IF IT DOESN’T TASTE GOOD  – Use smaller plates and order smaller tubs of popcorn.  Don’t cook more than you need to eat.

KEEP A FOOD DIARY – People lose track of how much they’ve eaten.  Experiment showed PEOPLE ATE LESS when chicken bones were left on the dinner table instead of being removed.  When people track their intake, they eat less.

AVOID BBQ s AND BUFFETS – People consume 60% more calories at BBQ s and Buffets

EAT LITTLE VARIETY – Greater variety and more food choices increase calorie intake

BLEND YOUR FOOD – EAT SOUP / LOW FAT SMOOTHIES – Food blended with water keeps the stomach full an hour longer than the same amount of solid food taken with a glass of water. 

Experiment: VOLUNTEERS WHO WERE SERVED FOOD AS SOLID – CHICKEN, MUSHROOM, BROCCOLI AND BOTTLE OF WATER became hungry an hour sooner than those who ate a blended version (soup) of the exact same ingredients.

SWAP ALCOHOL FOR WATER – Alcohol is high calorie sugar.  Drink water instead of alcohol.

WHEN DIETING, DRINK WATER – You can’t lose fat cells but you can shrink them.  Fat cells can swell 1000 times their size.

METABOLISM – Test your metabolic rate – the energy or calories the body burns just by being alive.

The fatter you are, the HIGHER your metabolic rate.  If you’re overweight, excess calories have been stock-piled as fat.

TO LOSE WEIGHT, EAT PROTEIN – Protein is the most effective way to feel full stay full throughout the day.  In studies comparing different diets, the only significant weight-loss factor was eating more protein.  That’s the only reason why the Atkins Diet worked.  Scientific research showed the Atkin’s weight loss success had nothing to do with going into ketosis and everything to do with eating protein.  People who felt fuller longer ate less and also ate smaller portions.

The Atkins Diet beat the the Zone Diet, the vegetarian diet, the vegan diet, the Weight Watchers Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Raw Food Diet, and the Mediterranean Diet.

DON’T EAT PROCESSED BREAD – A common processing aid in bread is made from chicken feathers. 

I hope this gives you some food for thought.  Enjoy a wonderful week!

Light, Love and Laughter!
Elizabeth Rose