How to Save Your Life

Oranges“There are absolutely no nutrients, no proteins, no vitamins, no minerals, no nothing found in meats and dairy products that you cannot obtain out of plant-based foods.  The human body has absolutely no nutritional requirements for animal flesh.”
Dr. Michael Klaper

In the video called “Food That Kills” Dr. Michael Klaper describes how animal fats clog your arteries and increase your body fat.  Repeatedly, scientific studies show that if you are eating a large amount of animal fat in your diet, including the fat that’s hidden in dairy products and meat, you are significantly raising your risk for heart disease and cancer.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, lung, prostate, breast and colorectal cancer are the 4 most common cancer types (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) in Canada and account for over 50% of all new cancer cases.

  • Breast cancer accounts for over a quarter (28%) of new cancer cases in women.

In Thailand, a Buddhist country, people exist on fruits and vegetables, with very little meat.  As a result, breast cancer is extremely rare in Thailand.  Studies show that breast cancer is a disease caused by a high fat diet.  Dr. Klaper recommends that women reduce all fats from their diet, including large amounts of vegetable oils.

When men eats lots of animal fat, those fats are turned into male hormones called androgens and androgens stimulate the prostate gland.  Prostate gland problems are not a result of getting old but are a result of decades of running androgens through the prostate gland.  Prostate cancer is the number one killer of men

  • Prostate cancer accounts for over a quarter (27%) of new cancer cases in men

According to Statistics Canada, in 2008 cardiovascular disease accounted for:

  • 29% of all deaths in Canada (69,648 deaths – or more than 69,500)
  • 28% of all male deaths
  • 29.7% of all female deaths

In 2008, of all cardiovascular deaths:

  • 54% were due to ischemic heart disease
  • 20% to stroke
  • 23% to heart attack

My Experience

My health has been a challenge:  Heart disease runs in my family; I was faced with food sensitivities to dairy, wheat and starch;  A weakened immune system resulted in persistent illness; and there were some other issues closely watched by my doctor.  Finally, I went vegan.  Regardless, I still found myself getting very sick.  This was most puzzling!

One of the culprits was Candida.  Candida albicans is a diploid fungus that grows both as yeast and as filamentous cells.  It’s carried in everyone’s blood stream.  When your blood sugar gets out of control, the C. albicans will feed on the over-abundance of sugar and multiply or ‘bloom’ which can result in infections anywhere throughout your body.

For months, I cut down on sugar, including fruit.  However, after some research, I finally discovered that the natural sugar in fruits and vegetables may not be the problem.  It turned out that I was eating too much fat!  Every day, I ate an avocado (189 calories from fat), 2 T basil and sunflower oil pesto (200 calories from fat), a fruit smoothie with 1 T almond butter (85 calories from fat), and 2 T flax seed (54 calories from fat) etc.  Sounds healthy doesn’t it?  Even with an all-vegetable diet, I was slowly killing myself with fat!

Now, I’m cutting back drastically on oils, nuts and seeds and consuming mainly fruit, vegetables and greens – emphasis on fruit!  Some might call this a ‘Fruitarian’ diet.  The key is to be sure that you consume enough calories in a day.  When an entire head of Romaine lettuce has only 100 calories, calorie counting ceases to be about reduction.  Fruit bumps up your calories count.

Here’s a simple calorie counting chart that I put together for the average woman.  The calorie requirement differs depending upon the starting weight:

I haven’t bought this book yet, but it sounds like a good start:  The 80/10/10 diet.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and purposeful life!

Elizabeth Rose