Life Between Lives

Photo: Mihai Tamasila

Life between life is not a fairy tale world, nor is it an atmosphere of free floating cottonwood emptiness.  Those who have tasted its richness know that they have visited the ultimate reality, the plan of consciousness from which they embark on successive trials of incarnation and to which they return at the death of the body.  The state of meta-consciousness that characterizes the interlife is one where the individual merges with the quintessence of existence; but, paradoxically, in surrendering his own identity he becomes at the same time, more intensely self-aware.”  Joel Whitton

What is Life Between Lives?

Buddhists call it “Bardo” while many others refer to it as the “Blue Mist” or the space between your current life and the one before.  I first stumbled into Bardo on my own.  Other times, I found my way there in a dream state.  More recently, I have arrived there with assistance from a hypnotist.

Every experience in Bardo is quite unique, yet all who experience Bardo report a similar structure.  In near death experiences and in interlife regressions, by most accounts, people have found themselves ‘somewhere’ in a grey or blue mist.  Next they may be greeted by someone in a non-physical form.  It could be any deceased family member or friend, a soul mate or spirit guide.  Regardless of who they meet, this being usually guides them to connect with their Soul Group, or perhaps a group of their Spirit Guides.  Eventually , they may arrive at a Council of Elders.  All are beings of The Light.  As I have mentioned before, our physical world is governed by the spirit world and the Council of Elders provide a level of governance, guidance and wisdom.

“A Life Between Lives hypnosis session demonstrates that we live our current life by design,
not by accident!  It is our soul spirit and destiny review.”
Tariq Sattaur, Ontario Hypnosis Centre

In a Life Between Lives hypnosis session, you will likely recall who you really are and what your mission is in this current lifetime.  It may take a lot of meditation or a few sessions of hypnosis (i.e. meditation with a purpose), but eventually you can get there.

It has taken me most of my lifetime to realize that I am on a spiritual path, that I have a mission, and what my mission is.  I haven’t always stayed on the path and I haven’t always done a good job.   In fact, I’ve messed up quite terribly a few times.  However, I am happy to report that there is enormous love, wisdom and forgiveness in the Light.  Spiritual growth takes effort, but it is your mission.  By knocking on doors and seeking answers, the doors will open and the answers will be provided to you.  The greatest journey is the journey of self-discovery.  Love and courage my friends, and remember to have fun along the way.

Light, Love and Joy!