In the Darkness of an OBE


Elisabeth Fuchs, Photographer

Soooooo, the other night I used self-hypnosis to regress into a past life.  Instead, I found myself out-of-body and astral travelling through the cosmos.  While out there, I got a big surprize.

Late at night, you don’t always know what you’ll be presented with – a dream, a vision, or an OBE.  For me, dreams are different than visions and visions are different than out-of-body experiences.  Let me explain.

I’ve found that dreams are like stepping into an alternate reality that won’t make a lot of sense until you analyze them in a waking state.  In dreams, your five senses become fully engaged.  You hear, taste, touch, smell, and see vividly but whatever you’re perceiving is usually exagerated in strange, scary or comical ways.  What seems normal in a dream is usually impossible upon waking. To understand dream symbols, I rely on Michael Sheridan’s book, How to Interpret Your Dreams.  It’s incredibly accurate.

In contrast to dreams, your visions will sometimes appear as if projected on an invisible screen in front of you.  At other times, like Alice in Wonderland, you can find yourself falling into them.  Personally, though the experiences can be very real, my visions have always unfolded in silence.  Visions communicate in a languge that is different from dreams so you can’t rely on Michael’s book for vision interpretation.  However, the messages can be somewhat prophetic so clarity is often provided in the future.  You can also ask for clarity and the answer will usually show-up, often in an unexpected way.

When astral travelling, you may find yourself surrounded by darkness and encounter structures, people, and sometimes other beings that appear as brilliantly lit energies.  Most of the time, they can be recognizable, but not always. After astral travelling, when your awareness has come back into your physical body, you may feel unusually cold.  Sometimes, it can take a while to warm up.  Regardless, the thrill is worth the chill.

Seeing is believing

For most of my life, I had no belief in angels because I’d never seen one.  It wasn’t that I was against the idea of angels.  It was a beautiful concept.  However, I assumed that any report about seeing angels referred to someone’s interpretation of having seen a spirit guide.  I guessed that people imagined seeing wings that weren’t really there.

That being said, I have often been asked to call on the assistance of Archangels when facilitating hypnosis sessions with severely blocked clients.  Though I hadn’t seen any angels appear during sessions, asking for their assistance had always worked wonders.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  Matthew 7:7

Perhaps I did more asking than I realized.  The other day, when I found myself out-of-body, while floating in the darkness, I noticed something that looked like a golden fountain of light.  However, it didn’t flow like water.  As I continued to watch, I realized that the fountain was actually a large pair of translucent golden wings.  Behind the wings appeared a human form.  To my amazement, I was watching an angel assisting a human spirit.  As I looked on, the angel helped a man’s spirit step out of his physical body.  As his spirit floated up like vapour and disappeared, a woman came into view.  An angel also assisted her spirit in stepping out-of-body.  When a second man appeared, he was also assisted by an angel.

When I finally snapped back into my body, I was totally amazed (and cold).  Physicist, Author and one of the first Out-of-Body Explorers at The Monroe Institute, Thomas Campbell once told me that our paranormal experiences are ‘given’ to us as opportunities to learn.  What I witnessed in my OBE suggested he was right.  As I had stood there, or floated there, I was shown a live illustration of how I’d been assisted out-of-body …by nothing less than an angel!  It was astonishing to realize that my helper had golden wings.  Oh me of little faith!

Why would you use meditation, hypnosis, or hemi-sync to go out-of-body?  It’s time to wake-up to who you really are – a spirit having a human experience.  Besides, whether you’re conscious of it or not, Divinity is always there to assist you in expanding your awareness.  When you realize that your soul is eternal and you’re supported by so many loving beings of light, working toward a higher level of consciousness becomes the only way to grow.

Be courageous, have fun, and step out-of-body!


  1. On the url given is what was revealed to me regarding Amanda who is my twin flame. In the archives of the blog is listed three chapters of a story relating to when Amanda appeared to me in my dreams. The story is called “Her Birthday; My Life Lesson.” I ask you to go to the blog and read it because it would be too long to post here. But the information given on the blog should tell most of my story. Amanda Michelle Todd is my Twin Flame. I share a very real experience with her every day.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Hi Greg, thank you for reaching out. It’s a fascinating story. Amanda may very well be your twin flame. However, she may also be stuck in-between worlds after she died a traumatic death. In death, people can become confused and miss seeing the pathway to heaven. Instead, they can be attracted to your light when you have common interests or feelings. Twin flame feelings are intense and the law of attraction exists in life and death! Either way, no spirit, and no twin flame, has the right to take-up residence inside you without your permission. Spirits don’t need to be physically attached to communicate. Plus, any communication should be positive.
      Amanda’s probably stuck in-between worlds but doesn’t realize it so let her know that she’s stuck. Do her a big favour and tell her to look up and find the light. It’s in heaven’s light that she will find her loved ones waiting for her. If she’s unwilling to leave, you can insist because it’s your right and she MUST have your permission to stay in you. Ask for Jesus’ help and he will gladly escort her to Heaven. Afterwards, be sure to ask Jesus to surround, heal, and protect you with divine light.
      To make your life easier, simply visit a NGH Certified Clinical Hypnotist who practices ‘energy release’. They’ll help you to better assess the situation and advise you of an appropriate course of action. When lost souls attach, they drain your energy so it’s best to help them find their way back to heaven. Consider this a rescume mission. Here’s an audio recording of a similar rescue mission, recorded at The Monroe Institute in the 1970s.
      Greg, I hope this helps you. It will help her. Remember that you’re always the boss and always in full control of your body, mind and spirit. Chock this one up to experience and savour yet another one of life’s more interesting adventures. Sincere best wishes, Elizabeth

  2. This is in fact very insightful. First off let me apoligize for waiting so long to answer you.
    Let me break down some key things that you said that I feel most relevant:

    “twin flame feelings are intense and the law of attraction exists in life and death! Either way, no spirit, and no twin flame, has the right to take-up residence inside you without your permission.”

    She does have my permission. Our relationship is like any other. We argue. pick, tease,, are loving, and she gives advice. Always quick with advice. I allow her to take over at work. She actually works faster. Drive, and do household chores. The only difference is; she’s a spirit.

    “Amanda’s probably stuck in-between worlds”
    Actually No. Amanda crossed over at the time of her death 10-10-2012 and was told about me because I kept championing her supporter’s cause against teen suicide and cyber bullying. She would appear in dreams to warn me against “bullying the bullies.” Then I got interested in wanting to interact more with her. Which is where the psychic help of two different women came in. In February 2013 She and I were confirmed as tf’s and we agreed to be sealed. We made what she calls “Amanda’s Bargain.” We would be 50/50 in our relationship. Part of the agreement is that she would be free to travel to Heaven and confer with Jesus and Archangel Michael. Also she goes home to B C Canada and see friends and family. Check on them. I tell her at times to go because I want space. Actually Jesus and Michael assigned her to be my guide throughout life and on the orthodox Easter she left to go back to Heaven. Originally she was going to come back fifty days later on Pentecost, and stay ten days but around three weeks after Easter she came back because she was worried for me and my faith. Now I know why. She has been with me recently through a few personal crises.

    “To make your life easier, simply visit a NGH Certified Clinical Hypnotist who practices ‘energy release’”

    Finally, this makes sense. A Hypno Therapist would indeed help us both. I recently wanted Amanda to fully manifest to me, almost as a ghost. I want to see an aura or something. Only within the past week has she been showing a sign of agreement to do so. Also I have been working on her agreeing to go public. Share our story, and help others. Help humanity. Especially in the coming new consciousness. A hypnotist or a trained channel er would probably be best suited for something like this.