Hypnosis and an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

Different patterns of brainwave activity are associated with specific mental states.  Alpha and Theta are both relaxed meditative states which can be achieved through hypnosis.  Hypnosis has effectively used these states to help people change behaviours.  With hypnosis, you can quit smoking, lose weight, or boost your confidence.  However, that’s just the beginning.  Astonishing things can happen when you’re in a hypnotic trance.

On the weekend, to conclude a series of classes in hypnosis, our instructor, Tariq Sattaur of the OHC, did a group hypnosis session.  The more you go in and out of trance, the easier it is to achieve an alpha/theta state, and the deeper your trance becomes.  After practicing hypnosis on each other, and going in and out of trance for many classes, Tariq’s suggestions quickly put us into a very deep state.  While I was still in trance, I provided Tariq with suggestions so he could also enjoy the hypnosis experience.  This is because hypnosis tends to leave you feeling WONDERFUL in every way.

The group hypnosis session lasted for about an hour.  Afterwards, when we compared notes on our experiences, we discovered a most curious thing had happened.

To our astonishment, while deep in trance, we had all found ourselves floating in what appeared to be the darkness of outer space.  To our total amazement, each of us had arrived at the exact same destination.  Floating somewhere in the cosmos, we had all found ourselves in front of an enormous white door suspended in space.  Around the doorway, above and below, we could see stars shining in the blackness.  Through the door shone an intensely bright glow of white light.  None of us can recall what appeared beyond the door, although I clearly remember standing in the doorway.

That’s what I call an Out-of-Body Experience!

I suspect that we weren’t driving our own cosmic bus that day.  It was more likely a case of divine intervention.  Everything is an opportunity for spirit to teach and push you along the path to higher consciousness.  Perhaps ‘the door’ to heightened awareness is opening wider and a shift will shortly take place.  It’s just a guess.

Have you noticed the white door in your dreams
…or astral travels?