How to See the Future, and Change It.

Spring Arrived

“Let us not deceive ourselves; we must elect world peace or world destruction.” Bernard Baruch

In my book, “Diamond Lantern“, I described seeing visions of events before they happened.  Some occurred locally while others impacted the globe.  In those days, all my visions occurred spontaneously, without any warning, and most were terrifying.

A decade later, as a Clinical Hypnotist, I was able to control my exploration into the future with a hypnosis technique called Future Life Progression.  Although the future wasn’t always bright, these experiences were far more interesting than alarming.

The future can be a mystery but a few things are becoming clearer.  Take a moment to count out loud for seven seconds.  When you do this, you’ll realize, that’s a long time.

When it comes to making decisions about the future, it turns out that scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences discovered that decisions are made seconds before we become aware of them.  In fact, the conscious mind registers decisions roughly 7 seconds after the subconscious mind has already determined what the decision will be.

Just for fun, count out loud for twenty seconds.

That’s a much longer time.  According to world-renowned remote viewing expert, Joe McMoneagle, whom I met at The Monroe Institute, your “reality” is created twenty seconds before you experience it.  Put another way, you have twenty seconds in which to create your own reality, so why not put a positive spin on it?

Lets move away from seconds and look at days, decades, or centuries.  With hypnosis, and a little practice, you can develop the gift of prophesy.  Once you learn how to see the future, you can work on improving it.

With clients, it’s been relatively easy to take most people into a past life or future life progression.  Things can get interesting in a group hypnosis session when everyone is asked to go to a time that is one hundred years from today.  The visions have been eerily similar.

When I studied Basic Hypnosis, Metaphysical Hypnosis, and did the Masters in Hypnosis, I spent hours going in and out of trance during practice sessions.  The more you go in and out of trance, the deeper your trance becomes, and the easier it is for you to achieve a meditative trance state.  In that state, when your brain waves are in alpha and theta, it’s relatively easy to achieve heightened awareness and see many things, including the future.  This is why I became a Certified Hypnosis Instructor.  By teaching hypnosis, I can create an environment where students can enjoy their own subjective experiences exploring their past, better understanding the present, or viewing the future.

My first visions of the future, a hundred years from now, were stark images of a scorched Earth.  However, a few rays of hope appeared in the form of several cacti or succulents here and there.  A year later, my vision of the Earth 100 years in the future was still bleak, but it included a few humans surviving on a shoreline.  Clearly, the previous year had made a positive impact.

Life’s possibilities are limited only by your imagination, thoughts, and actions.  The future has always been in your hand.  You may as well make it bright.  Collectively, we are making it brighter.  Keep up the great work!


  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you for a fascinating and informative website. First, let me state that I believe that I was “guided to your website” when I originally discovered it. I have had an intimate relationship with Spirit for years. I have seen things “with my own two eyes” in the past 19 years that are truly remarkable. I previously never gave serious credence that such events would ever manifest; but witness them, I did!

    I find your 100 years hence prognosis in your article, “How To See The Future, And Change It”, to be quite interesting. I believe that the improvements in that assessment are occurring for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that more and more people are waking up to what has been intentionally hidden from the masses for quite some time. The technique for creative visualization that you mentioned in this article is also a factor, but not nearly as important, in my humble opinion, as the fact that individuals are “awakening” in greater numbers. However, at this time, those who are truly awake is extremely small, especially in the United States.

    I am curious to know your extent of knowledge regarding the lies foisted on the general public regarding 911 as well the subsequent wars created since that deceptive event. I would also be interested to know if you are aware of the existence of “chem trails” and governmental weather modification.

    I encourage you to keep up your spiritual research, it will continue to be a blessing not only to you, but also to those with whom you share it.

    Thanks again for your website and the information you share in it! 🙂



    • Hi Barry,
      Thank you for your comment. Regarding 911, I saw visions on Feb 11, 2001 (included in my book Diamond Lantern: Waking-up to Who You Really Are) but did not see anything about a government conspiracy and I have no idea about contrails. That being said, it doesn’t take a psychic to realize something’s wrong in the world in terms of insatiable appetites for money, power and mass control. A higher standard of living isn’t a good standard when things like industrialization, global-warming, deforestation, pollution, and mismanagement of chemical and fossil fuel technologies poison, kill and destroy our chances of long-term sustainability on this planet. We’re headed for greater environmental catastrophes. Scientists are very worried. Those who live for money, power and control sometimes forget their responsibility to all creatures, great and small. As far as I’ve seen, corruption can exist at all levels, no matter where you look. The outlook’s not good when you add-in the constant fueling of human addiction to things like television, processed foods, refined sugar, caffeine, entertainment, sex, adrenalin, speed, and commercialism. These can keep people from thinking for themselves, getting active in favor of plodding along on a daily treadmill of existence in servitude to debt or employers. The good news is that heightened awareness is freedom. We are all connected and are collectively becoming more aware so our collective consciousness is more enlightened and our future is looking more positive. Unfortunately, we humans are our own worst enemies because we largely operate from our subconscious mind. It will take work to break-out of that, but heightened awareness, compassion and positive action to benefit other beings will be our salvation. Remember, it only takes one person to make an enormous change. Anyone can be the next Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Buddha. The instant we all help the helpless, the homeless, and the ill, we will have helped ourselves to create a longer and brighter existence on planet Earth. Much is being done now, but more can be done by all of us.
      Thank you again for your comments.

  2. Elizabeth, Thank you so much for sharing your amazing writings in blog entries!

    I agree with you on this topic – however, I would like to share a real terrifying experience from a nightmare. It was a subconscious dream that came into my mind while I was ‘night sleeping’ some weeks ago. The dream was about our planet Earth, and it was about to scare the wits out of me. I’m wondering how to respond to this kind of information. Maybe it was a “normal” dream? Or…   so it might have been a true dream of the future? Actually there is no need to worrying, because I know that we can change the future through our thoughts. But sure it’s true, that there need to be more individuals whom collectively ought to be more focused on the positive visualizations and thoughts – for a positive outcome. (sorry for language issue)

    Anyway, I will participate with some paintings at Studio Vogue Gallery in Toronto. It’s an upcoming show in May, 2014. So wonderful!

    Warmest regards in love, gratitude and respect

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for your kind comments and mentioning your dream.
      Regarding your dream, the outlook for this planet is improving but top scientists are gravely concerned. It’s not surprizing to me if you’re having nightmares about Earth. Nightmares are scary for a reason. They’re trying to get our attention and motivate us into action. May we all heed your warning. We’re supposed to live in harmony with nature, but are rapidly destroying its delicate balance. I believe it’s never too late to change.
      I look forward to an opportunity to see you and your wonderful paintings in May at Toronto’s Studio Vogue Gallery!
      Light and Love,

  3. Hi i looked on the purple aura page and now this and i am unsure if i am normel or different in my own way my friend can see auras and sometimes i see weird things in my dreams like dragons and witches and i always search there names and they were in myths and legends i was wondering if you could help me and not only give me confidence show me who i am i would love to know cause it seems i cant even find myself

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      You are normal, yet also unique in your own special way, as we all are. Start recording your dreams. Learn everything about dream interpretation because dreams tell you everything you need to know about YOU and what to work on, what’s coming down the road, etc Research dream yoga to learn lucid dreaming. The best dream dictionary is in Michael Sheridan’s amazing book and also on-line ( You can learn to see auras (I teach this in my book, Diamond Lantern ( To really find yourself, learn to meditate, and go within. All the answers are their. Guides speak to you through your heart. Keep knocking on doors like mine, and reading as much as you can about the things that you are drawn to. Ask for guidance and your prayers will be answered. New people who can provide assistance and insights will show-up, when you least expect. Have no expectations but have a lot of faith that you are surrounded by divinity, and loved beyond your knowing. Ask to connect with your guides, angels, and the ascended masters. We’re all governed by the non-physical world of spirit and you have an entire team guiding you. Work to connect with them through meditation, self-hypnosis, or try professionally guided metaphysical hypnosis to connect more quickly.
      Wishing you light, love and joy!


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