How to Release Your Fears

First the The Good News:

Think about this.  Fear is a distressing EMOTION aroused by a threat, whether real or imagined.  It is a FEELING.  The feeling of fear is not a physical thing.  It’s not physical reality so it’s not real.  It’s an illusion!  However, if not controlled, fear has the power to manifest into real things such as health challenges and other problems.  Put another way, fearing the worst puts energy toward manifesting your worst fear.  Happily, manifestation on Planet Earth is a relatively slow process so a moment of fear isn’t going to result in a worst case scenario.

When your heart experiences strong emotions, your mind and body respond by assuming those feelings are based on real events.  Think back to a scary movie filled with heart-stopping moments of suspense.  The instant your senses were shocked by a sudden horrific action on-screen, your mind and body interpreted the event as REAL and responded appropriately by FEELING terrified.  Therein lies both the problem and the solution.

Over time, FEARS move from the conscious mind to become embedded in our SUBCONSCIOUS mind

Think of the Subconscious Mind as a 3 to 7 year old Child

BECOME MORE AWARE – MORE CONSCIOUS!  Your Conscious mind is the Adult

Rational fears can be overcome by physical retaliation or escape. This is generally simple, quick and easy.  For example, while walking to an event, you notice a storm approaching.  Fear of lightning or fear of ruining your new hairdo may prompt you into some kind of action.  Either running, calling for a cab, or accepting the reality that you’ll arrive looking like a drowned rat.

Irrational fears may take a little longer because they’re hidden deep in our psyche, deep in our subconscious.  However, they can also be overcome by conscious and rational control.  Fear is a choice.  When faced with a fearful situation, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  For example, in the face of failure, you could think of it as a lesson learned and just one more step towards success, so it is not really an end, but a tool for future reference.  When faced with objections, I tell myself that one more ‘no’ gets me closer to ‘yes’.


It is only when an illness surfaces that you become aware there’s a problem and work to fix it.  Fear is similar.  When your fears surface, they are presenting you with an opportunity to resolve something.  Embracing your fears may sound illogical.  However, like challenge, fear is a great teacher.  When you are feeling most fearful, realize that your fears have been triggered so that you can release them.

Fear tends to make people freeze or react hastily with very little thought.  When faced with fear, do whatever you can to get some distance from the situation to achieve a better perspective.  Work to find a tiny bit of calm in the middle of each storm.  Work hard to become more aware.  What are you afraid of?  What’s the worst case scenario?  What’s the best case scenario?  Imagine facing this situation in fear.  Imagine facing the same situation with courage, calm, and confidence.

When you walk the path of releasing fears, you are on the healing path and will more quickly find your way.   Like everything in life, fear is a choice.  It’s also a process.  Once you develop the habit of heightened awareness, acknowledgment, understanding, and releasing your fears will become easier.  With clarity comes calm and when your mind is calm, a path or solution usually presents itself because solutions come from within.

Hypnosis Works Well to Eliminate Psychological Fears!

Some of my clients who are in sales have developed a fear of making cold calls or presenting in public.  Hypnosis has been a very effective tool to release psychological fears of rejection and failure plus it’s great to overcome an extensive list of phobias.  Fear is all in our minds, especially our subconscious minds.  Hypnosis helps you to get control of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

I’m not telling you anything new, just reminding you (and me) of what we already know.  All divine guidance, awareness and knowing comes through us, not at us.  EVERYTHING we need comes through us.  It’s already there in our hearts.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.
Japanese Proverb
Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern: Waking-Up to Who You Really Are

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ref: Top 10 Fears, paraphrased from article by  Caty Medrano



  1. P. Subash says:

    I don’t know. I feel alone. All people are laughing at me because I don’t know everything. I’m not interested in games, I don’t know how to dance, how to speak to others. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know …………………………………………………………………. i want to release it – fear fear fear! I want to kill this. How is it possible to release the fear?

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Dear P. Subash,

      There’s a saying (and a book), “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!” We’re all afraid of the unknown, until we know it. Move forward in baby steps. Do one small thing you’re afraid of. Then, do another small thing. Continue the process and over time, you’ll find those small things amount to big things. We’re afraid for a reason. Fear is there to protect us. However, sometimes, there’s too much fear and it’s difficult to move forward. Change the way you breathe. Breathe into your lower abdomen, your stomach, and keep your shoulders from rising. You can’t be nervous when you’re taking slow relaxed deep breaths. Try eating a different food. Take a different way home. Ask one question you’re afraid to ask. Strike up a conversation with someone by asking for assistance, for directions to a location. People LOVE to help. Ask, “Can you help me?” I’m wondering if there’s a good dentist nearby? People LOVE to talk about themselves. Ask the person about themselves. Ask, “So what’s been the best part of your year so far?” “So what’s keeping you busy lately?” People will offer a ton of information and not ask anything about you. Eventually, when you feel you’re going to burst, you’ll find the courage to tell them something about you, or to offer your opinion. Take small baby steps. HAVE FUN! Learn to laugh at your mistakes and struggles. I tripped going upstairs in a subway station and hoped that nobody I knew saw me. Turned out a colleague was right behind me. I could only laugh because it was hilarious. Don’t take life quite so seriously. Watch a few good comedies and you’ll realize the best laughs are when we laugh at ourselves. We all make mistakes and laughing takes the edge off.
      I was super nervous attending a foreign wedding and could feel my whole body freezing. I played a little game in mind and said to myself, “I’m Brenda Star, Reporter for The Toronto Star and I’m here to get the story!” This made me laugh to myself and immediately I relaxed and walked toward a buffet table. Someone else was reaching for some food so I said, “Isn’t this a lovely wedding! There’s so many interesting people here. What’s your story?” the person began speaking and shared a hilarious story. Someone joined us. By the end of the night, I had a great collection of stories and felt completely at ease. Pretend you’re not afraid and see what happens.
      Here’s a great video on Youtube with Thomas Campbell which addresses fear:
      Wishing you great success!