How to Meditate

“Practice meditation regularly. Meditation leads to eternal bliss. Therefore meditate, meditate.”  Swami Sivananda

Hypnosis is Meditation with a Purpose. The purpose might be to lose weight, quit smoking, release stress, or to explore consciousness with past life regression, inter-life regression, and energy release.  Whether you call it Meditation, Hypnosis or Self-Hypnosis, it’s all just total RELAXATION!

When you become more relaxed, your brain waves change from Beta (wide awake), to Alpha (day dream state), then Theta (a deep trance state).  In Alpha and Theta brain wave states, your whole body shifts from a state of wide-awake, high alert or even “fight, flight or freeze” to the relaxed state of “healing, rest and rejuvenation.”

There are many ways to meditate, …go into trance, …go into a hypnotic state (it’s all relaxation). However, here are some suggestions that might work well for you. When practiced daily, you’ll more easily fall into a more meditative/hypnotic state.  I say “more meditate” because humans are in a natural state of trance 95% of the time.

Before you start meditating/practicing self-hypnosis, make sure you’ve quenched your thirst with water, used the rest room, have turned off your cell phone, and are away from any potential distractions.

Things that can prevent total relaxation include dehydration, worry, physical discomfort, and stimulants like sugar or caffeine.  Avoid these things if you’d like to simply relax or achieve a deep meditative state.  May I suggest having a blanket nearby.  Some people feel cold in trance.  Others feel more protected with a blanket over them.

Start by sitting comfortably in a chair facing a blank wall.  I prefer an arm chair, but it really doesn’t matter.  Avoid lying down, on a bed or couch, or you might train yourself to fall asleep.

Unclasp your hands and ensure your feet are on the floor.

Take a deep breath and hold it a moment.

Breathe-out and close your eyes.

From here-on-in, let every out-breath relax all your muscles.

When you’re ready, take another deep breath and hold it a moment.  Then, once again, let your out-breath relax you more completely.

Next, take another deep breath and this time, pull your shoulders back, tense all your muscles, even your fists and facial muscles.  Remain tense for a moment.

Breathe out and as you do, relax all your muscle groups more completely

Begin counting backwards from 100 very slowly, opening your eyes on the in-breath, and closing your eyes on the out-breath.

Each time you open your eyes, look at a point on the wall just above you.

When your eyes become very heavy, stop opening them, relax and go deeper into a peaceful state.

As you count backwards,  opening and closing your eyes, just allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into relaxation.

If your mind gets distracted by random thoughts, acknowledge them.  Say to yourself, “There’s a thought!”  Imagine surrounding it in a bubble and pricking it with an imaginary pin and resume your counting.

Once you’re sufficiently relaxed and you’ve run out of numbers, see, sense or feel yourself in the most beautiful natural setting in the world, with trees, water, perhaps a beach, sunlight, grass, flowers, maybe a mountain.  Engage all your senses and really feel, sense, see taste and touch everything around you in your mind’s eye.

Now, just remain in a relaxed state as long as possible.  Work to achieve total relaxation first.  Later, develop more internal focused awareness.  In your mind’s eye, become more aware, listen, see, feel, smell, taste.  Just be open.

Practice this every day for 30 days and you’ll have rewired your neural network for deep trance meditation.

You can also make life much easier and hire a hypnotist who will guide you into a deep state of trance.  In my opinion, self-hypnosis and meditation (i.e. hypnosis with a purpose) is the new frontier of human consciousness.

Wishing you great success, peace and tranquility!

Elizabeth Rose


  1. […] Meditation is the one of the best ways to truly awaken to what matters most and to connect with the love in your heart.  In a state of peace and tranquility, your  mind becomes open to answers.  Your higher-self, spiritual guides, and the Creator will come through. Deep in trance, you can achieve far more heightened awareness than in your daily waking-state and discover the steps you can take to rise-up and become the best version of you.  You can discover your life’s purpose and learn how to fulfill it. […]