How to Feel Better

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”   Helen Keller

When a friend wrote that he’d become overwhelmed by the world’s negativity and suicide seemed a good option, I was reminded of Helen Keller. In the first half of the 20th century, Helen was blind, deaf, and barely able to communicate. However, she became the most famous handicapped person in the world and a leading humanitarian after learning sign-language.

My friend posts a lot of things on the internet and was receiving some negative feedback.  I told him that the internet reflects the consciousness of humanity in general.  When you spend a lot of time surfing the world-wide web, it’s a mixed bag and not always easy to find positive messages or media that is loving and of a higher level of consciousness. This is because so many Earthlings are unconscious, filled with fear, sadness, anger, hate, hurt, etc.  Sometimes, people who are hurt want to hurt others.  People who are down want to pull others down with them.  “Misery likes company.”  Science has even shown that people can be addicted to their negative emotions.  Happily, awareness can break the pattern.  Channelling, Healing and Hypnosis and “Full Immersion into Spirit” can also break your patterns.

If you listen to the words coming out of peoples’ mouths, you can begin to understand what’s going on inside of them and it usually has nothing to do with you.  For example, one of my friends is very happily single and absorbed in her work but began to feel bad because she was being judged by others.

Once or twice a month, she took her elderly mother to a senior’s dance.  A man at the last dance asked her, “How come you’re still single? What’s wrong with you?” Another woman commented, “It must be very lonely being single.”  Another man asked, “Don’t you want to be with someone?  Surely you can find a nice man to be with?”

She started feeling bad about all these comments and judgements until she realized that the first man’s wife died years ago and HE himself was frustrated because HE himself was “still” single.  The woman’s husband died more recently and SHE was now feeling “very lonely.”  The third person was also single and HE’s the one who “wants to be with someone.”  Their words and judgements had nothing to do with my friend and only reflected those peoples’ own loneliness, frustration, or aspirations.

If people are leaving negative comments on your media pages, put a stop to it. I asked a friend who has a popular web site if he had people trolling him on his site.  He said, “Yes. It happens. Some people are on drugs.  Others are just angry or bored people.” He simply blocked their comments, unfriended them, or reported them to YouTube, Facebook, etc.”

When we’re looking through our own eyes, there are times when we can’t see beyond our own misery, and suicide might seem like the only option.  However, it’s one of countless options.  If you’re overwhelmed by negative news or media, try looking at positive media on the internet.  Listen to teachers like Wayne Dyer.  When he was alive, his telephone voicemail message said something like, “I want to feel good.  If you have something positive to say, please leave a message. Otherwise, call Dr. Phil.”

On a side-note, I’ve had so many people call me for Channeled Readings when they’re deathly ill, I was thinking of changing my voicemail message to: “If you’re vomiting, have a high fever, or feel death is imminent, please call an ambulance.  Otherwise, kindly leave a message. ”

Oddly enough, if a few people are wasting their time sending you negative messages, it means that far more people are reading and benefiting from your posts or videos. Remember, if people are unkind or cruel, the Karma is theirs, not yours. You can avoid getting caught-up in another person’s Karma.

Some people allow the weight of the world to weigh them down.  Others rise above it all.  I work with depressed, lonely, angry, frustrated, or tormented people every day.  However, I can’t take-on someone else’s misery because it won’t help them.  My job is to lighten their load, get them back on-track, and release any negative emotions, belief systems  or habits that no longer serve them.

Another person’s misery doesn’t belong to you.  Besides, as Wayne Dyer pointed out, “You can’t be poor enough to help the poor.  You can’t be lonely enough to help the lonely.  You can’t be sad enough to help the grief-stricken.”   If you’re feeling a little miserable and life’s starting to get you down, get active, go for a walk outdoors. Focus on the simple things in life – nature, good food, yoga, friends, etc.  Make a list, an emergency list, of things to do to feel better.

When I started channelling, the Angels said, “Elizabeth!  Be on the Earth, but not of it!  Lighten-up! Keep your head and heart in the Light.  Be in the Light at all times.”

Recently, the Angels told me, “It’s time!  It’s time to let go of Mother Earth.  She’s a teacher and you are no longer learning the lessons of the Earth.”  Previously, they’d explained that most people on the Earth are learning to rise above negative emotions, and that emotions are Earthly things.  Only LOVE is real.  The rest is an illusion for learning.  The Earth is a school, so we’re hit with every negative and positive emotion going, in order to learn and grow.  Learn, grow, and rise above it all, and you graduate from Planet Earth!

Some of the best teachings on how to alleviate your own suffering come from The Buddha.  My vision of a Diamond Lantern, described in my book Diamond Lantern, Waking-up to Who You  Really Are, led me to read Buddha’s “Diamond Sutra.”  In February 2001, I became clairvoyant and began seeing all kinds of doom and gloom visions of the future, including what was to happen on September 11th, 2001.  However, the vision of a Diamond Lantern guided me away from the mindset and energy of doom and gloom predictions and onto the path of Enlightenment. After that experience, all visions led me to Christ consciousness.  May I suggest you research the Buddhist teaching of Detachment, the Middle Path, and other Buddhist teachings. Read Christ’s original advice in “The Gospel of Thomas.”  If you love surfing the internet, start listening to the most positive media, like Ted Talks, Wayne Dyer, and Buddhist teachings on YouTube, etc.

Work to shift your focus.  It’s all in your head so put good stuff in your head.  Detach from those who drag you down. Embrace those who lift you higher. Get an instant energy boost:  Stand-up with your arms raised and out-stretched.  Clap your hands several times.  Tap your thymus (sternum).  Watch comedy.  Look at your life as a situational comedy and find the humour in your misery.  The best comedians have found a way to see the humour in their otherwise tragic life.  Every night, write entries in a “Gratitude Journal” by listing 3 things that you’re thankful for.  Start your morning by looking at videos of cute baby animals.  These techniques have been scientifically proven to lift your mood and positively impact your life.

It’s not always easy, but when you
Take Responsibility for Your Mood
you can Enjoy a Wonderful Day!


  1. Great article today Elizabeth. I love your references to Dr. Wayne Dyer who has been a great spiritual teacher for me as have you. Much love to you ❤️

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Nancy, Thank you! Appreciate your feedback. Wayne Dyer’s such a wonderful source of wisdom. I’m glad he left so much material behind! Much love <3

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