How to Drop a Few Pounds and Feel Better

“Being defeated is only a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.” –Marilyn vos Savant

Scientists have determined that our weight is pretty much dependent on our intake of food and the amount of exercise we do.

As a hypnotist, healer and channel, I found that clients wanting to drop excess weight were likely experts on the topic.  People who came to me seeking a weight loss program had tried every diet under the sun and usually turned to hypnosis as a last resort.  They really needed a boost in willpower.

Indeed, Hypnosis helps a lot of people manage their weight. Perhaps some new research can also assist:

Improve Your Sleep Patterns

Poor sleep contributes to poor eating habits.  When your body feels tired, it demands food for an energy boost.  Consequently, normal sleep patterns improve eating patterns.  When people go to sleep every night by 10:00 pm, and stay asleep, their body’s natural melatonin cycle becomes regulated.  That’s just the beginning.  Here are more ways to sleep better:

Ways to Improve Your Sleep Patterns:

  • Consume zero caffeine after 3pm
  • Refrain from napping during the day
  • Stop eating by 7pm
  • Go to bed by 10pm
  • Sleep in total darkness and/or wear a sleep mask
  • At bedtime, snack only on small amounts of bananas, oranges, pineapple, or hot milk – all are natural sources of melatonin

Diversify Your Gut Flora

It turns out that our gut bacteria is unique to each one of us, so we all digest food differently.  The BBC reports that researchers in Israel have created customized diets based on gut bacteria.  For example, in one study, two women of the exact same age were given an identical diet.  However, one woman’s gut bacteria was more diverse so she processed foods better.  For example, things like brown rice, croissants, and pizza spiked one woman’s blood sugar, whereas the other woman’s blood sugar remained normal.  The good news is that you can change and diversify your gut bacteria over just a few weeks.

Keep Only Healthy Food Within Eyesight

Researchers at Cornell University determined that humans are all on a ‘See Food Diet.’  In other words, we eat what’s in front of us.  When pots of food are placed on the dining-room table, people eat 20% more, simply because it’s in front of them.  People served individual plates of food stopped eating after their plate was emptied, and consumed 20% less.

Scientists determined that humans have lazy eating habits, and would rather grab pre-packaged snack foods like chocolate and chips. Families that kept only fruit within eyesight, on the dining table or kitchen counter, had much lower weights than families that kept cookie tins, chocolate boxes, and chips within eyesight.   The scientists recommended leaving only fruit out, and nothing else, to better manage your weight.

Scientists went a step further. They reorganized the refrigerator and cupboards with fruits and vegetables, placing healthy food at the front of the refrigerator and cupboards and unhealthy foods hidden far behind the healthier choices.  People tend to take what’s directly in front of them and not dig for better options.

Exercise in a Group

When left to our own devices, we’re also physically lazy.  If you want to maintain an exercise program, scientists determined that two options will help you:  People who compete within a group, and people who collaborate within a group, are more likely to maintain regular patterns of exercise.

Do More Housework

Researchers found that cleaning the house used significantly more calories than a workout at the gym.

High Conscious Approach

Everyone’s different.  Make it easier on yourself.  Put temptation out-of-reach.  Exercise in a group, just for fun.  Or, go into trance, go up to the Light, and get advice directly from your Angels:

As a deep trance channel, my non-physical guides insisted that I lighten-up mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by eliminating alcohol, meat, caffeine, and processed sugar.  They explained that these foods block one’s ability to astral travel and channel.  They guide me or my clients through customized Yoga routines.  They also instructed me to do annual water fasts, and intermittent water fasting, on Mondays and Fridays.

Wishing you great health and happiness!

Elizabeth Rose