How to Contact Your Twin Flame

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The short story of twin souls:  Human beings were created in the image of God.  God is both masculine and feminine (Mother Father God).  God noticed His children were lonely and put them to sleep.  He separated the masculine side from the feminine side to create two equal beings so they would never be lonely again.

There’s a catch.  Life is for learning so God gave humankind free will, evolution/devolution of consciousness, challenges, growth opportunities, individual life missions, plus the business of day-to-day survival.  While we’re all working on our individual missions, digging ourselves out of life’s complications, and working on simply staying alive, we’re not always focused on the most spiritual of endeavours, such as meditation/hypnosis and mindfulness.  Most of us have been disconnected from our spiritual other half, our twin soul.

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit….” John 4:24

Good news for twin flames:  You have a higher self and your twin soul has a higher self.  You can learn to contact your twin’s higher self on the astral plane.  Click here for twin flame stories.  Try the following for 30 days:

Every night, before you fall asleep, set the intention of connecting with your twin soul on the astral plane.  Silently speak to your twin soul, “Connect with me.  Let me know you’re with me.”

You can only connect with your twin’s higher self when you’re completely relaxed.  To completely relax, take a deep breath and hold it a moment, then exhale and let your outbreath relax you.  When you’re ready, take another deep breath and hold it a moment, then let your outbreath relax you completely.

Next, stare at a blank wall then very slowly open and close your eyes twenty times.  Always open your eyes on the in-breath and close your eyes on the outbreath.  Each time you close your eyes, silently say the word, “Deeper.”  On the count of 20 keep your eyes closed and feel yourself floating up into the astral plane.  Perhaps you can see, sense, feel, or even imagine yourself floating.  Keep going by imagining yourself floating higher and higher.  Stay in this state for longer periods

Every morning, before you open your eyes, remain still.  Listen, sense, and feel for any sign of your twin soul.  How do you feel when you wake-up?  Is there a song playing in your head when you wake-up?  What is the song?  What are the words to the song?  Do you recall any dream fragments?  What are they?  Do you get a sense of anything different when you wake up?  Keep a journal and notice any patterns or new levels of awareness.

During Skype Sessions, many of my clients have been connecting with their twin souls, both on the physical plane and in person.  This technique releases stress, helps you feel calmer and more relaxed plus helps you tune-in to the non-physical world of spirit.  With practice, you stand an excellent chance of connecting with your twin soul.  It’s easier than you might think.

While you’re floating on the astral plane, take take the opportunity to connect with your creator!

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